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LO-lederen måtte skaffe seg maskingevær da Russland angrep Ukraina

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Domestic Worker Survey Documents Perils of Informal Status For more info 2023-12-01 [Solidarity Center]

Oleksandr Zinchenko: 'I will continue to use my voice for Ukraine' 2023-11-25 [FIFPRO]

How the Ukrainian union is helping players during wartime 2023-11-18 [FIFPRO]

Global Taras Stepanenko: 'Footballers must do their part to help Ukraine' 2023-11-11 [FIFPRO]

Ukraine PCS delegation to Ukraine 2023-11-10 [PCS]

Urgent appeal to release workers missing from Ukrainian power plant 2023-11-02 [IndustriALL]

Russia ITF & JNG: Concerns regarding Ukrainian seafarers entering Russian ports and territorial waters 2023-11-01 [ITF]

PSI World Congress in solidarity with Ukrainian workers and people 2023-10-21 [EPSU]

Europe Call for solidarity in Brussels with the Ukrainian “soldiers of truth” 2023-10-19 [EFJ]

UK Writer’s war - the essential role of writers and culture in war-torn Ukraine 2023-10-19 [Society of Authors]

New lockout provisions in Ukraine violate workers’ rights 2023-10-12 [IndustriALL]

Belgium Photo exhibition: “Ukraine: Journalists in war zones”, 17 October 2023, Brussels 2023-10-06 [EFJ]

Europe EU must assist Ukraine reach social standards 2023-10-06 [ETUC]

Global Ukraine and the world’s unions — the view from Kyiv - Eric Lee 2023-10-05 [Green Left Weekly]

“In Ukraine I understood that journalists never give up” 2023-09-28 [EFJ]

Ukraine RadioLabour World Report - How unions in Ukraine are coping with the war 2023-09-23 [RadioLabour]

Trade unions are on the front line 2023-09-22 [Arthur Svensson Prize]

Ukraine War 'never in interests of working people' 2023-09-13 [Unite]

Russia Call for an end to Russian war crimes against journalists in Ukraine 2023-09-08 [EPSU]

Ukraine ITF designated as undesirable organisation by Russian Federation 2023-09-08 [ITF]

Ukraine Workers at UK plant that makes missiles for Ukraine to strike over pay 2023-09-08 [Guardian]

Russia EFJ joins call for an end to Russian war crimes against journalists in Ukraine 2023-09-08 [EFJ]

Ukraine End Russian war crimes against journalists in occupied Ukraine 2023-09-07 [Article 19]

Destroyed schools, bomb shelters, air-raid sirens: Ukraine’s children begin another school year in wartime 2023-09-01 [Education International]

Global Ukrainian care workers’ union Be Like Nina receives UNI Global Union’s Freedom from Fear Award 2023-08-31 [UNI Global Union]

Education workers facing the challenge of Russian invasion 2023-08-26 [USC]

Ukraine Scotland Strikes suspended at UK munitions plant that supplies missiles to Ukraine 2023-08-17 [Guardian]

Ukraine Bluesfestivalen samlet inn penger til mineryddingsarbeid i Ukraina 2023-08-10 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Ukraine Workers at UK munitions plant that supplies Ukraine to strike over pay 2023-08-10 [Guardian]

Russia Russian missiles repeatedly strike Donetsk journalists’ hotel 2023-08-09 [EFJ]

Builders earn twice as much as academics. No wonder standards slip 2023-07-29 [THE]

Global Ukrainian trade unions reaffirm their commitment to actively contribute to Ukraine’s rebuilding 2023-07-29 [ILO]

Russian journalist killed in shelling 2023-07-25 [EFJ]

ILO, IOM help pave road for post-war labour market in Ukraine 2023-07-24 [ILO]

Protecting workers' rights in Ukraine during the war and in the reconstruction of the country 2023-07-23 [IndustriALL]

Working in war-torn Ukraine 2023-07-23 [IndustriALL]

Ukraine UNI partners with UNHCR in Poland to expand knowledge on labour rights 2023-07-16 [UNI]

Russia WFTU statement on the 2023 summit of NATO 2023-07-12 [WFTU]

Ukraine Canada’s nurses raise $51,000 to support health care workers in Ukraine 2023-06-10 [CFNU]

Education International stands with Ukraine: Union leaders in Kyiv meet colleagues and show solidarity 2023-06-07 [EI]

Ukrainian trade unions statement on Kakhovka HPP explosion and an environmental disaster in Ukraine 2023-06-07 [KVPU]

Ukraine Konfliktniv�et �ker i ILO med krigen i Ukraina 2023-06-04 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Former journalist Iryna Levchenko illegally arrested in occupied Zaporizhzhia 2023-06-03 [IFJ]

Russia Former journalist Iryna Levchenko illegally arrested in occupied Zaporizhzhia 2023-06-02 [EFJ]

Russia Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant workers subjected to forced labour by Russian forces, say trade unions 2023-06-02 [ILO]

LO-lederen måtte skaffe seg maskingevær da Russland angrep Ukraina 2023-05-30 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Russia Fundamental workers' rights violated in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine 2023-05-23 [IndustriALL]

Canada Our condolences on the tragic death of journalist Arman Soldin 2023-05-16 [CWA Canada]

AFP journalist Arman Soldin killed in a shelling attack 2023-05-11 [EFJ]

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