OHS Campaign ¡Una Muerte, Un Paro!

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Minimum Wage NegotiationS Begin 2019-10-20 [The News]

OHS Campaign ¡Una Muerte, Un Paro! 2019-08-13 [BWI]

Panamanian Trade Unions Demand End of Blockade against Cuba 2019-07-27 [Prensa Latina]

Airport workers strike averted 2019-05-12 [MENAFN]

Asleep at the wheel 2019-03-12 [ITF]

Panama Canal Authority on course to undermine reputation of Panama’s most vital national asset 2018-12-19 [ITF]

ILO complaint due to First Quantum Minerals case 2018-06-12 [BWI]

SUNTRACS reaches agreement with CAPAC 2018-05-22 [BWI]

Strike delaying major Panama infra projects 2018-05-19 [BNA]

Construction Workers' Strike Enters 4th Week 2018-05-18 [TeleSUR]

Construction workers’ strike strong and united 2018-05-13 [BWI]

After 20 Days, Construction Workers Continue Strike for Better Wages 2018-05-10 [TeleSUR]

Builders Plead Distress as Workers Demand Big Pay Hike 2018-04-19 [LAHT]

How the Panama Canal Took a Huge Toll On the Contract Workers Who Built It 2018-04-19 [Smithsonian]

Panama prepares for national strike by construction workers 2018-04-19 [Latin News]

National construction workers strike 2018-04-19 [BWI]

Construction Workers Close Streets 2018-03-15 [Prensa Latina]

Strike by workers at First Quantum's Cobre Panama copper mine 'could reduce planned output' 2018-03-15 [The Metal Bulletin]

Unions Hosts World Congress of Working Women 2018-03-09 [Prensa Latina]

Strike and conflict in the Canadian multinational First Quantum Minerals 2018-03-02 [BWI]

SUNCA Uruguay visits BWI in Panama 2017-09-25 [BWI]

Pilots Strike would Paralyze Panamanian COPA Airline 2017-04-30 [Prensa Latina]

Truckers protest against Chiquita Panama 2017-04-04 [freshplaza]

Panama takes the lead in the Americas in the fight against forced labour 2016-11-07 [50forFreedom]

Could Safety Concerns Undermine Economic Advantages of Expanded Panama Canal? 2016-07-16 [Global Trade]

Safety concerns over expanded canal could undermine economic advantages 2016-07-13 [The Shipping News]

Panama Papers: Source breaks silence on Mossack Fonseca leaks 2016-05-06 [BBC]

After Panama - 5 steps to push back against offshore corruption 2016-05-04 [PCS]

The Panama Papers’ impact in the United States: The calm before the storm? 2016-04-13 [Equal Times]

National strike affects work on Panama Canal expansion 2015-11-26 [JOC]

Construction workers' strike stalls Panama Canal expansion 2015-11-25 [Yahoo]

Anti-corruption strike called for Monday 2015-11-20 [Prensa Latina]

Cotton demands action over MiBus workers 2015-11-17 [ITF Global Union]

Cotton demands action over MiBus workers 2015-11-16 [ITF]

ITF inspectors march against attacks on transport workers in Panama 2015-10-23 [ITF Global Union]

New safety concerns rising with expanding Panama Canal 2015-08-25 [PRI]

Canal expansion prompts safety concerns 2015-08-24 [BBC]

Banana strike in Bocas del Toro came to an end 2015-08-19 [Fresh Plaza]

Pay deal avoids strike by workers on Panama Canal expansion 2015-08-13 [Splash]

Protests demand respect at DHL 2015-08-12 [ITF Global Union]

Impending Strike Will Paralyze Panama Canal Expansion 2015-08-11 [Prensa Latina]

New strike threat for Panama Canal expansion project 2015-08-11 [AFP]

Unions Warn of Privatization in the Panama Canal 2015-08-10 [Prensa Latina]

Canal workers plan strike to press for higher pay 2015-08-10 [Fox]

Support SABMiller Panama workers on strike for bargaining rights 2015-07-16 [IUF]

Delegation of Cuban Unionists Visits the BWI’s Regional Office in Panama 2015-04-25 [BWI]

Panama Dockworkers Join the ILWU 2015-04-12 [Talking Union]

CTC Cuban Workers Confederation excluded from Panama´s civil society forum 2015-04-11 [ACN]

Chavistas Seek to Derail #SOSVenezuela Protest in Panama 2015-04-11 [PanAm Post]

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