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Underpaid at home, vulnerable abroad: How seasonal job schemes are draining Pacific nations of vital workers

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Pacific Underpaid at home, vulnerable abroad: How seasonal job schemes are draining Pacific nations of vital workers [Phys] 29-11-2022

Pacific / Australia Solidarity sparks union renewal programme in Asia-Pacific [EI] 11-06-2022

Pacific IFJ, UNESCO launch kit to defend media freedom in the Pacific [IFJ] 23-12-2021

Pacific Public education systems in Pacific plagued by commercial activity, new EI report finds [Education International] 18-10-2019

Pacific / New Zealand Pasefika union leaders call for urgent climate action [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi] 26-09-2019

Pacific Tuna Brands Failing to Tackle Modern Slavery [The Maritime Executive] 03-06-2019

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Pacific La capacitación como prioridad: liderazgo educativo de las mujeres en Asia-Pacífico 2024-07-10 [IE]

Pacific L’autonomisation en première ligne : les femmes de la région Asie-Pacifique à la pointe de l’éducation 2024-07-10 [IE]

Pacific Empowerment at the forefront: Asia-Pacific women lead in education 2024-07-08 [Education International]

Pacific Empowering educators: Transformative initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region 2024-06-17 [Education International]

Pacific FIFPRO Player IQ Tech Summit enables Asia/Oceania player associations to enhance development 2024-05-21 [FIFPRO]

Pacific Strategy alignment and building for the future: FIFPRO Asia/Oceania enjoys productive divisional assembly in Singapore 2024-05-12 [FIFPRO]

Pacific April 28: remembering the unknown workers 2024-04-26 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Pacific El Comité Ejecutivo regional de Asia-Pacífico analiza los derechos laborales ante desafíos crecientes 2024-04-19 [IndustriALL]

Pacific Le CE de la région Asie-Pacifique se penche sur les droits des travailleurs dans un contexte de défis croissants 2024-04-19 [IndustriALL]

Pacific Asia-Pacific regional Exco addresses workers' rights amid escalating challenges 2024-04-19 [IndustriALL]

Pacific UNI partners with ABU to reduce climate impacts of broadcasting 2024-03-22 [UNI Global Union]

Pacific Empowering change: Strategies to overcome pay inequality for Pacific women in New Zealand 2024-03-09 [NZCTU]

Pacific Un autre monde est possible : UNI Asie et Pacifique au Forum social mondial au Népal 2024-03-02 [UNI]

Pacific Why FIFPRO Asia/Oceania’s analysis of AFC Champions League can build collaboration with players and clubs 2024-03-02 [FIFPRO]

Pacific POSTERS: Secure jobs and better wages for women workers – International Women’s Day 2024 2024-03-02 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Pacific FIFPRO Asia/Oceania analysis of AFC Champions League counts cost of competition for players and clubs 2024-02-24 [PFA]

Pacific First Union statement on the death of Efeso Collins 2024-02-21 [First Union]

Pacific Workers owned millions 2024-01-23 [The Times]

Pacific Felix Anthony has been re-elected as the ITUC-AP President. 2023-12-22 [FBC]

Pacific Anthony re-elected as ITUC-AP President, Sharma elected as Chair of the ITUC-AP Women’s Committee and Vateqe retain Ex-Officio position 2023-12-20 [FijiVillage]

Pacific Human, trade union rights situation of education workers disappointing in Asia-Pacific 2023-12-13 [My Republica]

Pacific FTUC National Secretary, Mr Felix Anthony re-elected as the ITUC-AP-president 2023-12-06 [FTUC]

Pacific BWI Global Organising Academy consolidates regional team 2023-12-06 [BWI]

Pacific UNI Tech Organizing Network meets in Seoul at a pivotal moment tech 2023-11-29 [UNI Global Union]

Pacific Ahead of COP 28, Asia Pacific holds climate week 2023-11-15 [BWI]

Pacific Los principales sindicalistas de la educación de Asia-Pacífico abogan por una mayor inversión en los sistemas de educación pública y en los educadores y las educadoras, y reclaman equidad de género y unas sociedades sostenibles, democráticas y pacíficas 2023-10-21 [IE]

Pacific Top Asia-Pacific education unionists advocate for increased investment in public education systems and educators, and call for gender equity, and sustainable, democratic and peaceful societies 2023-10-21 [EI]

Pacific Organizing cement workers during challenging economic times in Asia Pacific 2023-10-05 [IndustriALL]

Australia Pacific countries are not 'outposts' to grow labourers for Australia, Samoan PM says 2023-08-31 [ABC]

Educators stand in solidarity for climate justice and a just transition in first-ever climate conference 2023-08-19 [Education International]

Pacific Childcare shortfalls having major impact on gender equality in labour markets across Asia and the Pacific 2023-08-02 [ILO]

Pacific Employment Court: RSE workers say Hawkes Bay employers deductions were unlawful 2023-07-28 [Radio New Zealand]

Pacific Workers in limbo 2023-07-27 [The Times]

Pacific Labour investigation | Over alleged mistreatment of hired Pacific Island workers 2023-07-19 [The Times]

Pacific Public sector workers across Oceania stand with Australian Indigenous peoples for Voice, Treaty and Truth! 2023-07-07 [PSI]

Pacific Leaving a Lasting Impact: Reflections on the Organizing Forum Asia & Pacific 2023 2023-07-05 [UNI Global Union]

Pacific PALM reforms key to protecting Pacific farm workers 2023-06-27 [ACTU]

Pacific From fear, injury and exploitation to education, health and wellbeing: unions across Asia-Pacific support action to stop child labour 2023-06-15 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Pacific Worker scheme shake-up 2023-06-14 [The Times]

Pacific Join us for the Organizing Forum- Asia & Pacific 2023 2023-06-11 [UNI]

Pacific Fighting for Recognition means Fighting for Decent Work, Fair Pay, and Just Nursing Policies 2023-06-11 [PSI]

Pacific Community Organisations Seek Strong Human Rights, Labour Rights And Environmental Standards At IPEF Talks This Weekend 2023-05-26 [AFTINET]

Pacific Estabilidad laboral para 700 camareras de piso 2023-05-25 [Rel UITA]

Pacific Textile unions in Asia Pacific commit to campaign for safe workplaces 2023-05-24 [IndustriALL]

Pacific BWI and ADB sign cooperation agreement 2023-05-10 [BWI]

International Labour Day2023: Agri-workersrenew call for rights protection as food and climate crisis worsen 2023-05-09 [PAN Asia Pacific]

Pacific Construir juntos para forjar cambios 2023-05-07 [Rel UITA]

Pacific Unions: OHS as a right, make it happen! 2023-05-07 [BW]

Pacific Asia Pacific unions: OHS as a right, make it happen! 2023-05-05 [BWI]

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