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Workers protest ‘slave labor’ at Shoprite

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VIDEO  Workers protest ‘slave labor’ at Shoprite 2023-07-22 [Popular Resistance]

Mine denies chronic lead exposure cover-up 2023-07-17 [The Namibian]

Labour union backs Ekandjo's anti-gay bills 2023-07-16 [The Namibian]

NamPost drivers sue about speed limit 2023-06-28 [The Namibian]

Union leader admits crucial finance oversight 2023-06-25 [The Namibian]

Labour expert says Nafau leadership is ‘illegitimate’ 2023-06-23 [The Namibian]

Nedbank says union no longer represents majority of employees 2023-06-13 [The Namibian]

End union busting and police intimidation in Namibia! 2023-06-11 [BWI]

Construction workers left out in the cold…contractors not adhering to pension fund provision 2023-05-29 [The New Era]

Rent-a-drum accused of targeting Revolutionary Union members for retrenchment 2023-05-21 [The Namibian]

Mineworkers meet for union congress at Ongwediva 2023-05-05 [The Namibian]

Newly registered Revolutionary Union takes aim at labour brokers 2023-05-03 [The Namibian]

Workers struggles: 'Odalate Naiteke' 2023-05-02 [The Namibian]

NHE inks deal with union to end strike 2023-04-12 [The Namibian]

Unionist says govt is failing to prepare youth for job market 2023-03-20 [The Namibian]

Unions propose 8% salary increment for civil servants 2023-03-09 [The Namibian]

Erongo governor intervenes in Uis tin mine labour dispute 2023-03-02 [The Namibian]

Protests have their place, destruction does not 2023-02-26 [The Namibian]

Public workers union calls Uutoni, NHE board arrogant 2023-02-24 [The Namibian]

Union urges city cleaners to return to work 2023-02-18 [The Namibian]

Mun Concludes Wage Agreement With Osino 2023-01-26 [The New Era]

Metal Mill Engineering dismisses 45 artisans 2023-01-24 [The Namibian]

Cash & Carry workers face suspension 2022-12-29 [The Namibian]

#WomenSpeak: Inspiring women to fight for a gender-equal future 2022-11-16 [BWI]

#WomenSpeak: Inspiring women to fight for a gender-equal future 2022-11-14 [BWI]

Unions on warpath over plan to cut Psemas funding by N$1 billion 2022-10-28 [The Namibian]

Union washes hands of mass resignation 2022-10-04 [The New Era]

Union accuses charcoal company of exploitation ....Namchar rubbishes claims, engages lawyer 2022-09-25 [The Namibian]

TransNamib, trade union agree on pay increase 2022-09-03 [The Namibian]

TransNamib, Natau return to negotiation table 2022-08-29 [The New Era]

3% govt salary increase a drop in the ocean-opposition 2022-08-15 [The Namibian]

We've done the best we could-Nevonga 2022-08-07 [The Namibian]

Geingob dribbles strike 2022-08-07 [The Namibian]

Government denies IMF role in no salary hike 2022-08-05 [The Namibian]

Бюджетники Намибии проголосовали за забастовку 2022-08-04 []

We won't be bullied-unions 2022-08-03 [Namibian Sun]

We won't be bullied-unions 2022-08-03 [Namibian Sun]

Over 42,200 civil servants vote 'yes' to strike 2022-08-02 [The Namibian]

Kombat mine shafts 200 workers 2022-08-01 [The New Era]

Deadlocked 2022-07-30 [The Namibian]

Education ministry suspends school for two days 2022-07-28 [The Namibian]

Shoprite win a slap in the face of workers 2022-06-25 [The Namibian]

Shiimi shuts door on pay hike-Govt will need $1.2b for state salary adjustments 2022-06-19 [The Namibian]

Logistics companies accused of denying employees unions 2022-06-03 [The Namibian]

Journalist shot by police during protest 2022-05-18 [IFJ]

Security association takes on NEFF 2022-05-15 [The Namibian]

Road workers down tools 2022-05-10 [The New Era]

Asab road construction workers on strike 2022-05-06 [The Namibian]

Truck drivers threaten to cripple the economy 2022-05-05 [The Namibian]

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