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Kombat mine shafts 200 workers


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Kombat mine shafts 200 workers [The New Era] 2022-08-01

Road workers down tools [The New Era] 2022-05-10

Asab road construction workers on strike [The Namibian] 2022-05-06

Union plans demonstration over teachers' salaries [The Namibian] 2022-03-26


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We've done the best we could-Nevonga 2022-08-07 [The Namibian]

Geingob dribbles strike 2022-08-07 [The Namibian]

Government denies IMF role in no salary hike 2022-08-05 [The Namibian]

Over 42,200 civil servants vote 'yes' to strike 2022-08-02 [The Namibian]

Kombat mine shafts 200 workers 2022-08-01 [The New Era]

Deadlocked 2022-07-30 [The Namibian]

Education ministry suspends school for two days 2022-07-28 [The Namibian]

Shoprite win a slap in the face of workers 2022-06-25 [The Namibian]

Shiimi shuts door on pay hike-Govt will need $1.2b for state salary adjustments 2022-06-19 [The Namibian]

Logistics companies accused of denying employees unions 2022-06-03 [The Namibian]

Journalist shot by police during protest 2022-05-18 [IFJ]

Security association takes on NEFF 2022-05-15 [The Namibian]

Road workers down tools 2022-05-10 [The New Era]

Asab road construction workers on strike 2022-05-06 [The Namibian]

Truck drivers threaten to cripple the economy 2022-05-05 [The Namibian]

Construction workers threaten to march to Fiscus Building 2022-05-05 [The Namibian]

22 overworked fishermen fired 2022-04-24 [The Namibian]

Mine says food was an additional incentive 2022-04-22 [The Namibian]

Withholding pensions will worsen poverty 2022-04-13 [The Namibian]

Union plans demonstration over teachers' salaries 2022-03-26 [The Namibian]

400 workers lose hope in trust fund payout 2022-03-20 [The Namibian]

Abattoir workers without salaries for two months 2022-03-15 [The Namibian]

Court Victory for NBC Workers 2021-12-08 [The New Era]

Shiimi is not truthful-unions 2021-11-15 [The Namibian]

Eswatini NAM Trade union wants Eswatini suspended from the Commonwealth 2021-11-10 [The Namibian]

No salary increases....'don't provoke us'- civil society unions tell Shiimi 2021-11-07 [The Namibian]

Labour Agency to Fire 43 Picketing Workers 2021-11-04 [AllAfrica]

Guards without pay for months 2021-10-23 [The Namibian]

Forced vaccination: Union threatens court action 2021-10-13 [The Namibian]

NBC, Napwu Show Ends 2021-10-04 [The New Era]

 VIDEO Namibia Namibia MUN Karibib Best Cheer Marble Workers Face Union Busting From Chinese Owner For more info 2021-07-31 [LVP]

Construction workers agree to retrenchment package 2021-05-31 [BWI]

Construction workers agree to retrenchment package 2021-05-26 [BWI]

NBC strike peters out …as workers turn on Nevonga 2021-05-24 [The New Era]

NBC workers face 50% salary cut 2021-05-24 [Informante]

NBC workers fear nobody 2021-05-18 [Informante]

Geingob Takes Back Seat On NBC 2021-05-18 [Namibian]

NBC strike 'deprives communities' 2021-05-18 [Namibian]

NBC workers on strike, IFJ backs call for solidarity 2021-05-08 [IFJ]

Nursing dream back on track 2021-05-02 [The Namibian]

IFJ at World Press Freedom Day in Namibia 2021-04-30 [IFJ]

Too short to be a nurse 2021-04-22 [The Namibian]

Nantu President dies 2021-04-20 [The Namibian]

New mine owners trample on workers' rights 2021-04-15 [New Frame]

Unions petition government to Reverse Air Namibia shut-down 2021-02-16 [Simple Flying]

China Letter To Chinese Pres Xi-Jinping From Namibia Mine Workers Union Rossing Leaders & CNNC 2021-02-13 [Labor Video]

 VIDEO Namibia Rehire the Namibia Rossing Miners! Letter To Chinese President Xi-Jinping From Namibia Mine Workers Union Rossing Unionists & CNNC Role In Namibia For more info 2021-02-10 [LVP]

Namibia: CNNC Rössing Uranium mine must reinstate nine dismissed union members 2021-01-21 [IndustriALL]

The government passed the C189 and C190 on December 9 2020-12-28 [IDWF]

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