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Autoworkers Are Being Blacklisted for Unionizing

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US asks Mexico for fresh workers' rights review at auto parts facility 2023-09-26 [Saltwire]

Autoworkers Are Being Blacklisted for Unionizing 2023-09-24 [Jacobin]

Auto Parts Workers Face Blacklist After Union Campaign 2023-09-22 [Labour Notes]

Labor strike in the US puts Mexican automakers on alert 2023-09-15 [El País]

As Auto Workers Contract Talks Heat Up, Stellantis Threatens to Move South 2023-09-07 [The American Prospect]

Cargo airline accused of labour violations under USMCA 2023-09-01 [Freight Waves]

Mexico Celebrating Workers’ Dignity During Labor Rights Week 2023-08-31 [US Department of Labor]

US to appeal Mexico's refusal to investigate labor complaint at Mexican mine 2023-08-23 [The Post]

Two months of strike at Mexico’s Peñasquito mine 2023-08-22 [IndustriALL]

Volkswagen de México reaches agreement with union on 8.1% pay raise 2023-08-19 [Mexico News Daily]

Goodyear workers in Mexico choose to be represented by an independent union 2023-08-17 [IndustriALL]

Gov't says trade deal does not apply in Grupo Mexico mine labor dispute 2023-08-02 [Reuters]

SNTE alerts more than two million and a half students about the risk of using drugs 2023-08-02 [Education International]

Mexico Visit to Canada strengthens ties among Mexican activists 2023-07-20 [USW]

Peñasquito strike will have significant effect on production – Mexican mining chamber 2023-07-05 [BNAmericas]

Mexico Mexican auto workers elect independent union after Unifor presses Canada to intervene on labour abuses 2023-06-28 [Unifor]

President pushes new Labor Minister to resolve Grupo Mexico conflict 2023-06-23 [Reuters]

US requests labor rights review at Grupo México mine in Zacatecas 2023-06-20 [Mexico News Daily]

Strike at Peñasquito could hurt weak Mexican mining production 2023-06-15 [BNAmericas]

Mexican garment facility accused of rights denial 2023-06-13 [Ecotextile]

US asks Mexico to review alleged denial of workers' rights at garment facility 2023-06-13 [REU]

Telmex reaches pay rise agreement with union, ministry says 2023-06-06 [Saltwire]

Volaris workers delay strike action indefinitely 2023-06-03 [Mexico News Daily]

Mexico accepts U.S. trade request to review labor rights at Goodyear plant 2023-06-02 [Yahoo]

Higher Mexican wages complicate push for non-China supply chains 2023-05-24 [Nikkei]

Fresnillo says Herradura mine operations temporarily blocked by strike 2023-05-15 [Market Screener]

Goodyear plant in Mexico votes to throw out old-guard union 2023-05-09 [CP]

'Juego Limpio' in the North America 2026 FIFA World Cup 2023-05-09 [BWI]

Defying U.S., Mexico's 'second nationalisation' of electricity moves forward 2023-05-03 [TUED]

Union wins after US labor complaint, but abuses go on 2023-04-25 [ABC]

Investment in transport infrastructure and workers can transform Mexico into global transport hub 2023-04-01 [ITF]

United States and Mexico Announce Plan to Remediate Denials of Rights at Manufacturas VU Facility 2023-03-31 [USTR]

U.S., Mexico agree deal to fix labor dispute at VU Manufacturing plant 2023-03-31 [Reuters]

Independent Mexico Labor Expert Board - Report, March 20, 2023 2023-03-20 [ResearchGate]

Mexico Ontario Next Group of Migrant Agricultural Workers Enters Pilot Project 2023-03-20 [UFCW]

Mexico Mexico says Troy-based auto supplier hindered plant workers' rights 2023-03-17 [Detroit Free Press]

Independent union signs historic collective bargaining agreement with Saint-Gobain Mexico 2023-03-16 [IndustriALL]

Tesla's arrival accelerates Mexico 'nearshoring' boom 2023-03-15 [France24]

GM and union reach deal for 10% pay hike at Mexico pickups plant 2023-03-13 [Reuters]

Mexico Canadian and Mexican unions initiate Canadian government trade challenge to stop abuses at Mexican factory 2023-03-13 [Unifor]

Mexico Ontario Massive international labour trafficking ring busted in GTA 2023-03-12 [Toronto Star]

Together we school 2023-03-10 [Education International]

Nissan and Mexican workers agree to 9% raise at Morelos plant, union says 2023-03-04 [Saltwire]

After Aeromar's grounding, Mexico's aviation workers see turbulent horizon 2023-02-24 [Saltwire]

Workers Are Rejecting Company Unions 2023-02-20 [Jacobin]

GM Silao plant situation is setting the foundations for a real labor union movement in Mexico 2023-02-15 [The Daily Post]

USA In Mexico, US complaints help union organizing efforts 2023-02-13 [ABC]

We are education! Successful trade union strategies in Mexico 2023-02-08 [EI]

US repeats labor rights review request for Piedras Negras plant 2023-02-07 [Mexico News Daily]

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