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In wake of Libya flooding, ITF reiterates call for urgent investment in Africa’s infrastructure

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Libya Quebec The FIQ in solidarity with the victims of the floods in Libya 2023-09-25 [FIQ]

In wake of Libya flooding, ITF reiterates call for urgent investment in Africa’s infrastructure 2023-09-18 [ITF]

The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its solidarity and support for the people of Libya 2023-09-17 [WFTU]

Ground services workers at Misrata Airport announce an indefinite strike, as of February 5th 2023-01-22 [The Libya Observer]

Journalist abducted from newspaper office 2021-11-25 [IFJ]

Oil and gas workers union threatens to go on strike 2021-10-09 [The Observer]

Creation of Medical and Therapeutic Physics Union 2020-11-18 [ATUC]

Journalist and media executive unlawfully arrested 2020-10-24 [IFJ]

Egypt BWI condemns detention and abuse of Egyptian workers in Libya 2020-06-24 [BWI]

Libya BWI condemns detention and abuse of Egyptian workers in Libya 2020-06-22 [BWI]

DemocracyWatch: Imagine living through civil war as well as the pandemic 2020-05-20 [Opendemocracy]

Locked up with no escape: refugees and migrants in Libya face bombs,virus and everything in between 2020-05-18 [Opendemocracy]

Libya Joint ITUC/ETUC Letter to the EU regarding the escalating international tension in Iran and Libya 2020-01-14 [ITUC]

Journalist arbitrarily arrested by intelligence services at Tripoli airport 2019-12-19 [IFJ]

Union of Oil and Gas Workers demand pay rise 2019-08-26 [The Observer]

NOC calls for safe return of head of oil union taken in east 2019-05-05 [Reuters]

14 Tunisian workers kidnapped in Libya 2019-02-17 [AFP]

Photographer killed during clashes between militia near Tripoli 2019-01-21 [IFJ]

Government must act against attacks on journalists and the media 2019-01-11 [IFJ]

NOC Faces Labor Strike Demanding Wage Raise 2018-12-08 [Asharq al-Awsat]

University workers go on strike 2018-11-18 [The Observer]

Journalist Moussa Abdel Karim abducted and killed 2018-08-06 [IFJ]

Assailants abduct workers at oil facility in Libya 2018-07-15 [The Times-Union]

Eritrea UN Sanctions Slave Traders 2018-06-11 [ITUC]

Two journalists detained 2018-05-25 [IFJ]

Italy Migrant death in Italy points to dire conditions in Libya: aid workers 2018-03-16 [Reuters]

Three oil workers died in hydrogen sulfide leak 2017-12-28 [Libya Observer]

Three workers die in gas accident at Libyan oilfield: source 2017-12-25 [Reuters]

Libya South Africans Failed To Show Up For The #LibyanSlaveTrade March 2017-12-14 [Daily Vox]

Europe Amnesty accuses EU of pushing Libya 'slave trade' 2017-12-13 [IOL/Reuters]

Libya Statement on Reports of the Slave Trade in Libya 2017-12-12 [NUT]

Africa Libya is sinking even further into the abyss 2017-12-07 [Equal Times]

CNN slave market report is ill-founded, Libyan human rights group says 2017-12-05 [Libyan Observer ]

Europe As Europe Wants Migrants Stopped. Now Some Are Being Sold as Slaves. 2017-12-02 [NYT]

Labor Activist Detained  ActNOW!  2017-11-25 [The Maritime Executive]

ITUC Joins Call for Action to End Migrant Slave Trade in Libya 2017-11-23 [ITUC]

Benghazi university staff mulling strike over pay 2017-10-20 [The Herald]

Fuel crisis hits Benghazi as tanker drivers strike but water returning 2017-10-13 [Libya Herald]

Education Minister announces salary promotions for teachers, October 15 as school year's start 2017-10-13 [Libya Observer]

Ground staff at Misrata airport postpone strike after appeal from civil society organisations 2017-09-18 [Libya Herald]

Misrata International Airport may shut down due to workers' strike 2017-09-11 [Libyan Observer]

Libya The horror of the slave market detention centres in Libya. Algerians tell 2017-08-22 [TRT World]

Worker's Death Leads Libya's Oil Production to Drop by a Quarter 2017-06-10 [Bloomberg]

Oil production resumes after worker protests over death 2017-06-10 [Libyan Observer]

Largest oil field Sharara reopens after workers end strike 2017-06-10 [Libyan Herald]

Biggest Oil Field Halted by Workers' Protest 2017-06-08 [Bloomberg]

Unions warn of low morale throughout the airline industry 2017-06-01 [Libya Herald]

Billions paid for government employees illegally 2017-03-29 [Libya Observer]

Europe EU to pay Libya to keep refugees out of Europe 2017-02-04 [ETUC]

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