Imprisonment of Uglu Factory workers for 15 days

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Imprisonment of Uglu Factory workers for 15 days 2019-09-18 [CTUWS]

Sisi signs amendments to law regulating trade unions 2019-08-06 [Today]

Trade union leaders call on Egypt's military regime to release Hisham Fouad and Haitham Mohamedain 2019-07-24 [Socialist Worker]

Trade union leaders call on Egypt's military regime to release Hisham Fouad and Haitham Mohamedain 2019-07-21 [Mena Solidarity Network]

IFJ supports Al-Tahrir journalists 2019-06-28 [IFJ]

Giulio Regeni's parents demand Italy recall Cairo ambassador 2019-06-21 [The Guardian]

Support the workers at Suez Cement 2019-05-14 [BWI]

Egypt’s Brutal Crackdown on Workers’ Rights 2019-04-03 [CounterPunch]

BWI General Secretary Mission to Strengthen Regional Leadership 2019-03-22 [BWI]

Dealt “deadly blows” by the regime, freedom of press in Egypt is disappearing 2019-01-25 [Equal Times]

A delegation of representatives of Independent Union Organizations heads to the office of the prime minister after failing to meet with the minister of labour 2019-01-18 [CTUWS]

Italy investigating 5 Egyptians in student's murder 2018-12-05 [Yahoo]

Giulio Regeni: Italy names Egyptian agents as murder suspects 2018-11-30 [The Guardian]

There is a hiring freeze in Egypt and young workers are not happy about it 2018-10-07 [My Salaam]

The Egyptian mothers battling to establish paternity – and rights – for their children 2018-09-21 [Equal Times]

Shawkan's release five years overdue 2018-09-11 [IFJ]

After 600 days in jail, IFJ Reiterates calls for the release of Mahmoud Hussein 2018-08-16 [IFJ]

اقرأها بالعربية Avoiding the blacklist: Egyptian labor elections as key to investment 2018-08-02 [Mada Asr]

Building and Wood Workers hold General Assembly 2018-07-13 [BWI]

Declaration on Media Freedom in the Arab World discussed at League of Arab States meeting in Cairo 2018-06-04 [IFJ]

Freelance journalist sentenced to ten years 2018-05-24 [IFJ]

Banks turn to companies with temporary workers to promote Aman certificate 2018-03-12 [menafn]

Government must stop intimidating journalists ahead of elections 2018-02-27 [IFJ]

Trade Union Federation organises rally to back President Sisi for second term 2018-01-31 [Ashram Online ]

Italian murdered in Egypt 'over research' 2018-01-29 [Radio New Zealand]

Giulio Regeni murdered in Egypt 'over research' - Italian prosecutor 2018-01-26 [BBC]

Italian student was killed ‘for researching Egypt unions’ 2018-01-26 [Guardian]

Release of activist Mahienour el-Massry a rare moment of justice 2018-01-17 [Amnesty]

More Prison Sentences, Fines Against Egypt’s Prominent Activists, Lawyers 2018-01-04 [Egyptian Streets]

'Factory of tomorrow’: Egypt aims to replace Far East as cheap clothing king 2017-12-25 [Middle East Eye ]

New trade union law undermines freedom of association 2017-12-15 [AI Monitor]

Nile Basin Trade Union Federation of Commerce Workers conference kicks off 2017-12-11 [Egypt Today]

Parliament approves law regulating unions and. ban on political activity at youth centres 2017-12-06 [Ahram Online]

Key Italian newspaper stands by criticism of Giulio Regeni’s supervisor 2017-12-05 [Varsity]

IFJ calls on Egypt President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to free photojournalist Shawkan 2017-12-02 [IFJ]

IFJ calls on Egypt's president to free photojournalist Shawk 2017-11-28 [NUJ]

Parliament to vote on three controversial laws this week 2017-11-19 [Ahram]

Egyptian Democratic Trade Unions Congress Press release- Labor Freedoms and Independence Are Inalienable & Inherent 2017-11-19 [CTUWS]

New Draft Trade Union Law Suppresses Freedom of Association 2017-11-08 [ITUC]

2017 Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders goes to Mohamed Zaree 2017-10-11 [Amnesty International ]

Unions back workers striking for fair pay at the Cairo office of AFP news agency 2017-10-10 [IFJ]

International trade unions urge Egypt to release detainees  ActNOW!  2017-10-04 [Associated Press]

The Court decides to Release Tarek Al Kashef and Mohamed Bassiouny, We Again demand the Release of all Detained Union Leaders 2017-10-01 [CTUWS]

Intl trade union groups write to Sisi demanding release of 8 Egyptian union members  ActNOW!  2017-09-29 [Ahram Online]

International trade unions urge Egypt to release detainees  ActNOW!  2017-09-28 [The National Post]

Renewed call for the release of trade unions’ leaders 2017-09-27 [CTUWS]

CTUWS condemns the arrest of trade unions and workers’ leaders and requests their immediate release 2017-09-25 [CTUWS]

Draft bill would target Brotherhood workers in EgypT 2017-08-28 [Al-Monitor ]

Four workers referred to trial for attempted call to strike 2017-08-22 [The Independent]

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