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Starbucks Japan workers form labor union, plan to urge staff at other cafes to join

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Asia 自動化と新技術は職場のストレスを増大させるか 2023-12-01 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Starbucks Japan workers form labor union, plan to urge staff at other cafes to join 2023-11-30 [The Mainichi]

Small manufacturers' union demands record base pay rise 2023-11-21 [Reuters]

Focus: japan chocolate producers stamping out child labor in supply chains For more info 2023-11-12 [Kyodo News]

VIDEO Japan アフガニスタンにおける女性食品労働者と食糧不安 2023-10-21 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

VIDEO Japan アフガニスタンの若い女性の教育危機 2023-10-21 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

VIDEO Japan 過酷な労働制限がアフガニスタン女性を苦しめる 2023-10-21 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Workers form 1st Ikea Japan labor union to fight for changing time wages 2023-10-19 [The Mainichi]

Union Set to Demand More Pay Hikes for Next Year 2023-10-19 [BNN]

Largest Trade Union Reportedly Calling For 5% Pay Hikes Next Year 2023-10-17 [BNN]

Union-led ongoing campaign to demand a reform of educators’ working conditions 2023-10-17 [Education International]

Japan Unions advance peace education for a brighter future in East Asia 2023-09-06 [Education International]

Japan Unmanned Japanese Stations: Boon or Bane? For more info  ActNOW!  2023-09-04 []

Japan workers strike over sale of department store to US investment group 2023-09-03 [Jurist]

Sogo-Seibu strike shows risk of management snubbing union 2023-09-01 [The Asahi Shimbun]

Hacer huelga por primera vez en 61 años: cierra un centro comercial en Tokio 2023-08-31 [La Informacion]

Workers stage Japan's first strike in decades over department store sale 2023-08-31 [Reuters]

First strike in six decades closes famous department store 2023-08-31 [Digital Journal]

Seven & i department store unit union threatens to strike over Fortress deal 2023-08-28 [Reuters]

Global Les commémorations à Hiroshima et à Nagasaki nous rappellent les dangers des armes nucléaires 2023-08-11 [CSI]

Global Conmemoración de Hiroshima y Nagasaki recuerda los peligros de las armas nucleares 2023-08-11 [CSI]

Global Hiroshima, Nagasaki Commemorations a Reminder of the Perils of Nuclear Weapons 2023-08-11 [ITUC]

Global Remembering the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and renewing the call for a world free from nuclear weapons 2023-08-09 [UNI Global Union]

Public Workers May Get Biggest Salary Gains in 26 Years 2023-08-07 [BNN]

Public Workers May Get Biggest Salary Gains in 26 Years 2023-08-07 [BNN]

Japan Public Workers May Get Biggest Salary Gains in 26 Years 2023-08-07 [Bloomberg]

Sogo & Seibu union votes for right to strike over dep't store's sale to US fund 2023-08-01 [The Mainichi]

Cost of living: Japanese workers are finally seeing their pay rise 2023-07-07 [BBC]

Sogo & Seibu workers to vote on waging strike to protect jobs 2023-07-03 [The Asahi Shimbun]

Sogo & Seibu Labor Union Considering Strike Action 2023-07-03 []

Wages are finally rising in Japan, as inflation eats away at consumer gains 2023-06-19 [CP]

Japan greenlights longer stays for more skilled foreign workers 2023-06-10 [Nikkei Asia]

Japan Concentración ante la embajada de Japón 2023-05-23 [UGT]

Vietnamese worker sees 'distortion' in Japan's decades-old technical trainee system 2023-05-21 [Mainichi]

Kishida calls for waves of wage hikes to spread far and wide 2023-04-30 [The Asahi Shimbun]

Record wage increase for Japanese metal workers 2023-04-22 [IndustriALL]

Японские рабочие-металлисты получат рекордное повышение зарплаты 2023-04-19 [IndustriALL]

Japón: aumento salarial récord para el sector metalúrgico 2023-04-19 [IndustriALL]

Augmentation record des salaires des métallurgistes japonais 2023-04-19 [IndustriALL]

Many Japanese firms set to boost pay as annual wage negotiations peak 2023-04-04 [NHK]

UNI’s Japanese affiliates lead historic push for higher wages 2023-03-24 [UNI Global Union]

Stable staffs go on strike, but races continue 2023-03-19 [Horse Racing Nation]

Why Japan's 'shunto' spring wage talks matter 2023-03-08 [The Financial Post]

Workers eye bumper pay hike in closely watched union talks 2023-03-08 [Saltwire]

Japan unions ask 4.5% wage hike, biggest since 1990s 2023-03-04 [Reuters]

Unions ask average 4.5% wage hike, biggest since 1990s 2023-03-04 [Saltwire]

Google workers in Japan have joined a labor union in response to planned layoffs 2023-03-02 [Yahoo]

Toyota accepts union demands for biggest wage hike in two decades 2023-02-22 [Saltwire]

Los sindicatos japoneses desempeñan un papel clave en la promoción de la diligencia debida 2023-02-20 [IndustriALL]

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