Iranian court sentences workers to flogging, forced labour and prison

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Atena Daemi’s new trumped-up charges and trial For more info 2020-07-01 [SZAC]

Iranian court sentences workers to flogging, forced labour and prison 2020-07-01 [IndustriALL]

Iran security forces kill 3 Afghan migrants in car blaze 2020-06-29 [Iran News Wire]

42 workers get lashes and prison for demanding wages in protest 2020-06-24 [Iran News Wire]

Thousands of sugarcane workers demand 3 months unpaid wages in strike 2020-06-19 [Iran News Wire]

Sugar workers hold stoppages and protests over unpaid wages at Haft Tapeh in Iran as coronavirus spreads 2020-06-18 [IUF]

7 Iranians, unable to pay fine for peaceful protests jailed in NW Iran 2020-06-16 [Iran News Wire]

New Haft Tappeh strike For more info 2020-06-15 [SZAC]

5 Iranians, 4 children, commit suicide in 10 days from poverty 2020-06-11 [Iran News Wire]

Zeynab Jalalian: female Kurdish activist contracts Coronavirus in jail For more info 2020-06-07 [SZAC]

Protest by Abadan refinery workers For more info 2020-06-03 [SZAC]

Seyed Rasoul Taleb Moghadam: Vahed Bus Company trade unionist flogged 74 times! For more info 2020-06-01 [SZAC]

Hungry sugar workers amid massive corruption 2020-05-28 [IUF]

Haft Tappeh charges dropped: Esmail Bakhshi, Mohammad Khanifar and Ali Nejati amnestied For more info 2020-05-25 [SZAC]

More than 10k health care workers infected with virus 2020-05-21 [95.7]

Ten years ago: Farzad Kamangar and three other Kurds executed! For more info 2020-05-11 [SZAC]

On the situation of workers in Iran on the eve of International Workers' Day 2020-05-09 [Iran News Times]

Thousands of Iranian workers voice economic grievances in protests 2020-05-06 [Iran News Wire]

Economist says underpaid workers will rise up in violent Iran protests 2020-05-03 [Iran News Wire]

Under-equipped health workers become victims of Iran’s COVID-19 outbreak 2020-04-29 [Iran News Wire]

Thousands of workers protest low wages during Iran’s COVID-19 crisis 2020-04-29 [Iran News Wire]

’s workers bear brunt of coronavirus crisis as some resort to waste picking 2020-04-29 [Iran News Wire]

Minor offender killed under torture after western Iran prison riot 2020-04-29 [Iran News Wire]

Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds 37,200 in 306 Cities 2020-04-29 [National Council of Resistance of Iran]

coronavirus update: Over 37,200 dead, officials 'engineering' COVID-19 numbers 2020-04-29 [PMOI/MEK]

Bankrupt economy, widespread corruption of the Iranian regime, Workers first victims 2020-04-29 [Iran News Times]

The regime in Iran continues to harass and imprison labour activists ahead of May Day For more info  ActNOW!  2020-04-28 [CFPPI]

On Kerman’s 3000 striking coalminers For more info 2020-04-27 [SZAC]

Labor protests escalate on eve of International Labor Day 2020-04-26 [PMOI/MEK]

Farmers rally in Isfahan, protest regime’s destructive policies 2020-04-26 [PMOI/MEK]

No news of Nahid Fathalian after ten days of arrest! For more info 2020-04-25 [SZAC]

Esmail Abdi, leading teacher unionist arrested again 2020-04-23 [Education International]

Workers’ Action Committee activities in southern Iran For more info 2020-04-22 [SZAC]

Mohammad Davari freed on bail For more info 2020-04-19 [SZAC]

Jailed teacher Mohammad-Hossein Sepehri contracts Corona virus For more info 2020-04-08 [SZAC]

Mounting teacher deaths linked to Corona virus! For more info 2020-04-05 [SZAC]

Government orders nationwide ban on print publications 2020-04-04 [IFJ]

A call for sanity and tolerance in Iran at a time of national emergency 2020-04-03 [Opendemocracy]

Teacher unionist Esmail Abdi released from jail 2020-03-22 [Education International]

50% of laborers laid off in provinces worst hit by Iran’s COVID-19 outbreak 2020-03-21 [Iran News Wire]

Esmail Abdi temporarily freed from jail For more info 2020-03-20 [SZAC]

Iranian workers forced to work during COVID-19 epidemic 2020-03-16 [Iran News Wire]

Neda Naji released For more info 2020-02-27 [SZAC]

Neda Naji: 300 days in prison! For more info 2020-02-24 [SZAC]

Protests escalate as regime’s sham elections loom 2020-02-18 [PMOI/MEK]

Repercussions spread from the Ukrainian airliner downing 2020-02-18 [American Thinker]

Mahshahr petrochemical workers protest against layoffs For more info 2020-02-17 [SZAC]

8 Kurd border porters killed by the regime 2020-02-17 [Iran News Wire]

attacks peaceful Tehran student rally 2020-02-17 [Iran News Wire]

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This month in labour history

This month in labour history

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