Huge strike wave hits Iranian energy sector

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A wave of workers’ strikes erupts in Iran 2020-08-09 [Left Voice]

Huge strike wave hits Iranian energy sector 2020-08-05 [IndustriALL]

Huge strike wave hits energy sector 2020-08-05 [Industriall]

Haft Tappeh strike: 50th day! For more info 2020-08-03 [SZAC]

Third day of oil and petrochemical workers’ strikes For more info 2020-08-03 [SZAC]

 VIDEO  ’s failed economy will lead to major Iran protests 2020-08-03 [Iran News Wire]

 VIDEO  Oil and Petrochemical workers stage strike! 2020-08-03 [THE NATIONAL POLICY]

۴۸مین روز اعتصاب کارگران نیشکر هفت‌تپه برغم گرما و کرونا 2020-08-01 []

شروع اعتصاب گسترده در صنعت نفت ایران 2020-08-01 []

HEPCO Heavy machinery factory workers gathered to demand their unpaid wages 2020-08-01 [Iran News Wire]

Employees of the Isfahan Tile Industry Co. gathered today 2020-08-01 [Iran News Wire]

healthcare workers demand wages amid COVID-19 pandemic, increase in deaths 2020-08-01 [Iran News Wire]

 VIDEO  Sugarcane workers in SW Iran hold 41st day of strike action for wages 2020-07-28 [THE NATIONAL POLICY]

Haft Tappeh strike: 40th day For more info 2020-07-24 [SZAC]

تجمع اعتراضی کارگران فضای سبز شهرداری کوت‌عبدالله 2020-07-23 []

کارگران هفت‌تپه در سی ونهمین روز اعتصاب واعتراض 2020-07-23 []

تجمع اعتراضی کشاورزان سرخس در اعتراض به افزایش صد دردصدی نرخ حقآبه 2020-07-23 []

یوسفی؛ ۸۸۹ نفر از کارگران استان زنجان مبتلا به کرونا شده‌اند 2020-07-23 []

Tortured teenage protester told girlfriend would be raped in interrogation 2020-07-23 [Iran News Wire]

Day 34 of strike: Haft Tappeh workers eject a manager! For more info 2020-07-19 [SZAC]

UK-based Iran International journalists' rights 'trampled' amid threats from Iranian state 2020-07-18 [Press Gazette]

 VIDEO  Protesters in SW chant against regime as flames ignite again 2020-07-18 [Iran News Wire]

Security forces arrest dozens for peaceful protests in SW 2020-07-18 [Iran News Wire]

Sugarcane worker sentenced to 222 lashes in illegal court proceeding 2020-07-16 [Iran News Wire]

SW Iran sugarcane workers hold 27th day of strike action for wages 2020-07-12 [Iran News Wire]

 VIDEO  Death to Rouhani 2020-07-12 [Iran News Update]

Haft Tappeh strike: 27th day – protest outside Shush Labour Office For more info 2020-07-11 [SZAC]

 VIDEO  Hoveyzeh, SW 2020-07-10 [Iran News Wire]

15-year-old Baha’i prodigy banned from school 2020-07-10 [Iran News Wire]

Iranian Child bride commits suicide after second pregnancy in NE Iran 2020-07-10 [Iran News Wire]

June Iran protests report: Over 219 protests in 74 cities 2020-07-10 [Iran News Wire]

Haft Tappeh strike: 25th day – demonstration in Shush For more info 2020-07-09 [SZAC]

Haft Tappeh strike: 24th day – rally in Shush For more info 2020-07-08 [SZAC]

Haft Tappeh strike: 23rd day – thousands march in Shush! For more info 2020-07-08 [SZAC]

74 lashes for Iranian workers 2020-07-05 [Workersliberty]

Haft Tappeh strike: twentieth day For more info 2020-07-04 [SZAC]

Iranian court sentences workers to flogging, forced labour and prison 2020-07-04 [NEWS BREAK]

Atena Daemi’s new trumped-up charges and trial For more info 2020-07-01 [SZAC]

Iranian court sentences workers to flogging, forced labour and prison 2020-07-01 [IndustriALL]

Iran security forces kill 3 Afghan migrants in car blaze 2020-06-29 [Iran News Wire]

42 workers get lashes and prison for demanding wages in protest 2020-06-24 [Iran News Wire]

Thousands of sugarcane workers demand 3 months unpaid wages in strike 2020-06-19 [Iran News Wire]

Sugar workers hold stoppages and protests over unpaid wages at Haft Tapeh in Iran as coronavirus spreads 2020-06-18 [IUF]

7 Iranians, unable to pay fine for peaceful protests jailed in NW Iran 2020-06-16 [Iran News Wire]

New Haft Tappeh strike For more info 2020-06-15 [SZAC]

5 Iranians, 4 children, commit suicide in 10 days from poverty 2020-06-11 [Iran News Wire]

Zeynab Jalalian: female Kurdish activist contracts Coronavirus in jail For more info 2020-06-07 [SZAC]

Protest by Abadan refinery workers For more info 2020-06-03 [SZAC]

Seyed Rasoul Taleb Moghadam: Vahed Bus Company trade unionist flogged 74 times! For more info 2020-06-01 [SZAC]

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