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Apple Worker Unions in France Propose Strike Ahead of iPhone 15 Launch

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Apple Worker Unions in France Propose Strike Ahead of iPhone 15 Launch 2023-09-21 [Investopedia]

Disclose journalist searched and taken into custody 2023-09-21 [EFJ]

EPSU stands with French unions against the government’s repression 2023-09-08 [EPSU]

'Islamophpbic policy': French high school teachers and students go on strike over abaya ban 2023-09-07 [Al-Jazeerah]

France European court will hear case against French government crackdown on sex workers 2023-09-07 [Euronews]

Take a stand against union repression in France 2023-08-29 [IndustriALL]

Trade unionists call for solidarity amidst attacks on essential rights 2023-08-27 [EPSU]

Garbage piles up at train station in southern France as janitorial workers extend strike 2023-08-08 [Anadolu Agency]

Belarus A solidarity action with Belarusian trade unionists took place in Paris 2023-07-25 []

Newspaper staff strike after ‘far-right personality’ made editor 2023-07-03 [The Guardian]

Newspaper staff strike after ‘far-right personality’ made editor 2023-07-03 [The Guardian]

La Syndicaliste investigates misogyny against professional French women 2023-07-01 [The Irish Examiner]

La Syndicaliste investigates misogyny against professional French women 2023-07-01 [The Irish Examiner]

Avisa Partners withdraws its defamation actions against a number of media outlets 2023-06-29 [EFJ]

Russia French media targeted by new wave of Russian disinformation campaign 2023-06-22 [EFJ]

Disneyland Paris Warns of More Strike Disruptions for Guests Visiting June 19, 2023 2023-06-19 [The Disney Blog]

Union activists protest in France in continued resistance to higher retirement age 2023-06-07 [PBS]

Unions stage new day of protests against pension reform 2023-06-06 [France 24]

Education unions' resounding NO to the 'Teacher Pact' and the pensions law 2023-05-31 [Education International]

Europe Trade unions try to adapt to new world realities 2023-05-23 [Deutsche Welle]

Pension protest held on outskirts of Cannes Film Festival 2023-05-22 [The National Post]

Away from the Cannes glamour, hospitality staff protest over harsh conditions 2023-05-20 [Saltwire]

Pension reform defiance brings new blood to French trade unions 2023-05-18 [Reuters]

The spicy hotdog sausage fueling French protests 2023-05-12 [MSN]

Why French trade unions wield political clout despite low membership 2023-05-12 [RFI]

On 1 May, a global delegation joins French unions’ protest against pension reform 2023-05-03 [EPSU]

Police fire teargas as clashes erupt at May Day pension protests 2023-05-02 [France 24]

French Back Planned Anti-Macron Union Protest, Poll Suggests 2023-04-28 [BNN]

France EPSU Executive Committee stands with French workers against pension reform 2023-04-22 [EPSU]

Police block protesters as Macron faces down hostile crowds in rural France 2023-04-22 [France 24]

France ratifies ILO Convention 190 2023-04-19 [BWI]

13 people held in France in gas-meter pension protest dump 2023-04-18 [The Free Press]

France ratifies ILO Convention 190 2023-04-17 [BWI]

Fresh protests across France as Constitutional Council largely upholds Macron's pension reform 2023-04-16 [France 24]

Macron signs controversial pension reform into law as unions accuse him of ‘contempt’ 2023-04-16 [France 24]

French investors gather on advancing trade union rights 2023-04-14 [UNI Global Union]

France ratifies Convention C190 on violence and harassment in the world of work 2023-04-14 [ILO]

Macron's contested pension law faces crunch constitutional test 2023-04-14 [Saltwire]

Garbage collectors in Paris to strike 'indefinitely' in pension protest 2023-04-13 [Modern Ghana]

Unions rally supporters to the streets ahead of pension ruling 2023-04-13 [Reuters]

12th nationwide strike against Macron's pension law 2023-04-13 [The National Post]

‘We’re the only check on Macron’: French protesters vow no let-up in bitter pension battle 2023-04-07 [France 24]

Court suspends worker requisitioning at TotalEnergies Normandy refinery 2023-04-07 [Reuters]

Unions hope 11th day of strikes will dial up pressure over pensions 2023-04-07 [RFI]

Unions to keep up pensions protest after talks with PM fail 2023-04-06 [Saltwire]

Pension protests to bring 'maximum' workers in France after government, union talks fail 2023-04-06 [Saltwire]

Paris garbage workers to strike again 2023-04-05 [Zawya]

Do French trade unions still hold sway over the street? 2023-04-05 [Politico]

UNSA Education's Barometer of Education Professions: taking the pulse of French educators 2023-04-04 [Education International]

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This month in labour history

2-09-2014 2 labour inspectors who came to carry out a routine check of migrant workers' conditions were assassinated by a farmer, the first such murders since the creation of the function in 1892. [more]

4-09-1840 Beginning of 5 days of strikes and workers' rallies at the gates of Paris, in the suburbs and the outskirts. Cavalry attack, hundreds are wounded and arrested. [more]

4-09-1920 Bosses who refuse to supply the occupied factories see their factories occupied in their turn, chemicals and rubber in particular. The railway workers give priority to the occupied factories. [more]

12-09-1862 22 printers are brought before the 6th Correctional Chamber in Paris for having gone on strike in favor of an increase in their wages. They will be pardoned by the Emperor on November 23. [more]

15-09-1955 Renault employees win three weeks of paid vacation and wage increases. [more]

20-09-1899 After activity at the beginning of the year, the strike resumes at the Schneider factories in Le Creusot for "the recognition of the union, the freedom of conscience and the suppression of the secret police" [more]

22-09-1982 Beginning of the occupation of the SKF plant in Ivry-sur-Seine; it lasts until May 28, 1985. [more]

23-09-2010 3 million people demonstrate against pension rollbacks in 239 cities in France, according to the CGT and 2.9 million according to the CFDT. In Paris, 2 demonstrations parade on different routes for 6 hours. [more]

25-09-1925 The government recognizes the right of civil servants to organise. [more]

26-09-1917 35,000 workers on general strike for wages in Parisian aviation factories + Renault. The workers invent a new form of (in)action: standing idly by in the factories themselves. [more]

28-09-1948 After the euphoria of the liberation, the coalition government attacks the miners, reducing their pay and restoring the power of the coalmine employers. A national strike is approved by the FNSS CGT members - 218,616 votes for, 25,086 against. [more]