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More French workers demand a share of Macron's Covid-19 bonus 2020-08-06 [RFI]

Municipalist France! 2020-08-05 [Minim]

French health workers sign historic agreement 2020-07-31 [PSI]

In a show of gratitude for frontline workers, France will give $9 billion worth of pay raises to healthcare workers 2020-07-15 [Biz Insider]

Coronavirus: health workers given pay rises worth €8bn 2020-07-14 [BBC]

Airbus workers stage rare protest over job cuts 2020-07-09 [Reuters]

Teachers’ unions ask to be heard and assert their profession 2020-07-08 [EI]

Teachers’ unions ask to be heard and assert their profession 2020-07-07 [Education International]

Bayonne: Bus driver left brain dead after being 'attacked over face masks' 2020-07-07 [BBC]

'Revolting' - French workers at Nokia-owned plant protest layoffs 2020-07-01 [Reuters]

French government, unions tell Airbus, Air France to minimize job cuts 2020-07-01 [Reuters]

Global agreement with Renault must entail negotiation of restructuring 2020-06-07 [IndustriALL]

Ryanair staff in France accuse airline of 'redundancy blackmail' 2020-06-02 [The Guardian]

Amazon France 2020-05-26 [Opendemocracy]

Macron government faces tough talks on French hospital revamp in wake of Covid-19 2020-05-25 [France 24]

Amazon Reaches Deal With French Unions in Coronavirus Safety Dispute 2020-05-19 [NYTimes]

Amazon to reopen French warehouses after union deal for COVID-19 safety 2020-05-17 [Techzimo]

Teacher unions insist on health guarantees for students and their teachers for the reopening of education facilities 2020-05-16 [EI]

Veolia Moroccan subsidiary flouts labour laws and underpays wages 2020-05-09 [IndustriALL]

Court backs workers in Amazon row over virus measures 2020-04-25 []

Court to rule on Amazon union spat as vendors struggle 2020-04-24 []

Amazon to extend French warehouse closures after union dispute 2020-04-20 []

Amazon closes French warehouses after court ruling on coronavirus 2020-04-16 [The Guardian]

Court orders Amazon to suspend non-essential sales 2020-04-15 [CTV]

Health workers hampered by disinvestment as they battle the coronavirus 2020-04-11 [Ricochet]

Unions concerned about health and safety at relaunched construction sites 2020-04-08 [BWI]

France's Renault puts Paris white collar staff on partial unemployment 2020-03-30 [CNA]

Bouygues Telecom to put 20% of staff on partial unemployment 2020-03-30 [The Financial Post]

Pressure on Amazon workers 'unacceptable' amid lockdown 2020-03-20 [The Financial Post]

France warns Amazon over 'unacceptable' pressure on workers 2020-03-20 [Economic Times]

Unions call for more protests as government pushes pension reform through parliament 2020-03-03 [The Local]

Louvre stays shut amid staff fears of virus spread 2020-03-03 [OHS Canada]

Louvre workers vote to keep museum closed amid virus fears 2020-03-02 [NPR]

airline pilots strike - which flights are affected? 2020-02-26 [The Local]

French workers continue their epic struggle against Macron’s economic reforms 2020-02-22 [The Canary]

Trade unions back on streets but French pension fight shifts to parliament 2020-02-21 [Reuters]

Due diligence: has France really laid the foundations to end corporate impunity? 2020-02-19 [Equal Times]

Workers' rights in textile and footwear supply chains 2020-02-18 [IndustriALL]

Protests continue in Paris amid pension reform debate 2020-02-18 [PRI]

Ski workers latest to rally against Macron's reforms 2020-02-16 [Yahoo]

Wall Street Giant *BlackRock* Becomes a Symbol for Anticapitalist Fervor in France 2020-02-15 [NYTimes]

Workers at Intercontinental Marseille hotel face management backlash for challenging abusive working conditions 2020-02-14 [IUF]

ILO produces video on 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris 2020-02-12 [BWI]

Govt, unions kick off talks on tackling pension deficit 2020-01-31 [Yahoo]

Fresh mass protests against pension reform sweep France 2020-01-30 [Deutsche Welle]

Police clash with firefighters during Paris protest 2020-01-29 [The Guardian]

IndustriALL and Michelin sign agreement for global works council 2020-01-28 [IndustriALL]

Firefighters and police battle each other on the streets of Paris: Asonishing scenes as riot cops clash with their emergency worker colleagues who are demanding better pensions 2020-01-28 [Daily Mail]

We won’t back off on pension protests, union ‘Asterix’ warns Macron 2020-01-26 [The Guardian]

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This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-08-1914 The call for mobilization empties the union structures, their mail is now monitored and all their leaflets, posters and announcements are subject to censorship which remains in force until October 13, 1919. [more]

1-08-1944 First call from the underground “Tribune des Cheminots” to bring rail transport to a standstill by all means, including strike action. [more]

2-08-1958 The General Algerian Workers Association (AGTA,) close to the FLN, an association formed within the CGT, is dissolved by the French government. [more]

3-08-1908 Total general strike following the events in Draveil. Across the country, not a single worker goes down a mine, the major construction sites are all at a standstill, many steelworkers, typists and hairdressers express their solidarity. [more]

7-08-1953 Unions call on the civil service for a 24 hour "warning strike" for Friday August 7th. At SNCF, EDF, GDF, RATP, Air France, in mines and arsenals, it was a success that exceeded expectations. [more]

7-08-1953 Unions call on the civil service for a 24 hour "warning strike" for Friday August 7th. At SNCF, EDF, GDF, RATP, Air France, in mines and arsenals, it was a success that exceeded expectations. [more]

10-08-1944 Official anniversary of the insurrectionary strike of railway workers which began today in the Paris region in order to paralyze the rail transport of Hitler troops. [more]

28-08-1844 Karl Marx and Frederick Engels meet for the first time in person, 1844 at Café de la Régence on the Place du Palais in Paris. [more]