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Workers building Paris’ Olympic Village go on strike


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Workers building Paris’ Olympic Village go on strike [BWI] 2022-10-01

Refinery strikes widen [Argus] 2022-09-26

Hundreds of Flights in France Canceled as Air Traffic Control Workers Strike [The Times] 2022-09-16

Greve nesta sexta j� causa cancelamentos de voos [Nossa Viagem] 2022-09-16

The ‘Forgotten' Ratcatchers of Paris Go on Strike [Atlas Obscura] 2017-03-16

Train traffic set for ‘major disruptions' Monday due to strikes [France24] 2018-05-14

Nestlé workers from France demonstrate in Switzerland [IUF] 2018-02-14

France Télécom suicides: Three former bosses jailed [BBC] 2019-12-22

La mobilisation pour le logement prend une envergure européenne [CGT] 2021-03-26

Vaccination : convaincre et donner les moyens plutôt que de contraindre [CGT] 2021-07-12


Today's labour news

BWI gathers industry players building Olympics, Grand Paris Express infra 2022-10-01 [BWI]

Workers building Paris’ Olympic Village go on strike 2022-10-01 [BWI]

Refinery strikes widen 2022-09-26 [Argus]

Historic visit to Grand Paris Express construction leads to social charter signing 2022-09-24 [BWI]

Historic visit to Grand Paris Express construction leads to social charter signing 2022-09-22 [BWI]

Hundreds of Flights in France Canceled as Air Traffic Control Workers Strike 2022-09-16 [The Times]

Greve nesta sexta j� causa cancelamentos de voos 2022-09-16 [Nossa Viagem]

Europe EFJ co-signs Charter for a better account of the ecological emergency in the media 2022-09-15 [EFJ]

PSI congratulates French affiliates as court overturns Orpea management elections, calls for fresh vote 2022-09-14 [PSI]

  JOB   PSI Vacancy: Manager Global Administration 2022-09-02 [PSI]

Rail employees strike in Occitania Region July 30-31 2022-07-31 [Crisis24]

France Saint-Gobain workers in Mexico reject employer protection contract 2022-07-17 [IndustriALL]

Paris airport workers call off strikes scheduled this week-end 2022-07-08 [Reuters]

Air France-KLM Transavia Unit Gets Cabin Crew Strike Warning 2022-07-08 [Bloomberg]

UK British Airways Reaches Union Deal; Paris Signs Labor Accord 2022-07-08 [Bloomberg]

Airport staff say they are suffering from depression and won't go back to work without a 20% pay rise 2022-07-03 [Business Insider]

Dozens of flights cancelled in French airport strike Access to the comments 2022-07-02 [Euronews]

Striking Paris airport workers call new walkout on July 8-10 2022-07-02 [Saltwire]

Flights cancelled as airport workers in France strike for higher pay amid rising inflation 2022-07-02 [CBC]

French airport workers strike for higher pay amid inflation 2022-07-01 [Seattle Times]

Striking Paris airport worker wants his wages to soar 2022-07-01 [Yahoo]

Unions call for national railway strike over pay 2022-06-26 [The Independent]

Cleaner who led pay strike faces former minister in Paris election 2022-06-18 [The Guardian]

Strike in ORPEA France as scandals continue – EPSU expresses solidarity with workers 2022-06-08 [EPSU]

  JOB   Project Finance and Administration Coordinator 2022-05-03 [Public Services International]

May Day rallies: France pension reforms spark anger as tens of thousands protest after election 2022-05-02 [Euronews]

May Day marches across France send pensions message to Macron 2022-05-02 [The Guardian]

Handicap et emploi : accompagner la sortie de crise 2022-04-27 [CFDT]

Global UNI's statement regarding French unions and the ORPEA global agreement 2022-04-25 [UNI Global Union]

Deliveroo pays the price for underselling workers 2022-04-23 [Eurocadres]

Amazon workers in France reject real terms pay cut 2022-04-16 [UNI]

Staff walk out over pay at Amazon France's eight logistics centres 2022-04-15 [Reuters]

Amazon workers in France reject real terms pay cut 2022-04-15 [UNI Global Union]

Opaque Finances of Europe's Largest Scandal-Ridden Care Home Operator Called into Question 2022-02-27 [PSI]

Whistleblower law adopted as damaging amendments defeated 2022-02-05 [Eurocadres]

BWI denounces accidents in Olympic Village and Grand Paris construction sites 2022-01-29 [BWI]

BWI denounces accidents in Olympic Village and Grand Paris construction sites 2022-01-28 [BWI]

Global Orpea scandal underscores vital need for change in long-term care 2022-01-28 [UNI Global Union]

Education workers take to the streets against the downgrading of their pay 2022-01-27 [Education International]

Global PSI signs Renewed GFA with the French Energy Multinational Engie 2022-01-24 [PSI]

France ENGIE signs new global framework agreement with BWI, IndustriALL and PSI 2022-01-21 [BWI]

ENGIE renews agreement with three global unions 2022-01-20 [IndustriALL]

Wide participation in strike action against the management of the health crisis in schools 2022-01-18 [Education International]

Teachers walk out of classrooms in strike over Covid measures 2022-01-13 [The Guardian]

Teachers' unions call for strike against government COVID-19 rule changes 2022-01-13 [Euronews]

CGT union says energy, mining workers to strike on Jan. 25 for higher pay and pensions 2022-01-11 [The Globe and Mail]

Europe Les défis sociaux de la présidence française 2022-01-02 [CFDT]

Rouen University Hospital launches an indefinite strike to denounce the lack of resources 2021-12-28 [The Times Hub]

Unions question lack of access to Olympic construction sites 2021-12-16 [BWI]

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This month in labour history

4-10-1941 Promulgation of the law on the Social Organization of Professions, known as the "Labour Charter" by the Vichy regime. It prohibits strikes and lays down the principle of single and compulsory unions. [more]

4-10-1948 Beginning of the general strike in the mines which did not end until 29 Nov. Socialist Minister Jules Moch had the Lorraine coal mines occupied on the night of 3-4 Oct. The police hunt for strikers begins. [more]

6-10-1869 Work stoppage at the Crol mine in Aubin. The day shift incites a strike marching through the night with those of Montet, women and children in the lead. The army fires anyway. 17 dead (2 women, 1 child 7 years old) 22 injured, 27 arrested, 26 imprisoned. [more]

7-10-1899 Victory parade in the streets of Creusot when an arbitration award favorable to the cause of strikers and freedom of association, is rendered. [more]

7-10-1948 Three days after the start of the general miners' strike, a striker, Jansek, from Merlebach was assassinated by the CRS. 25,000 people march in his funeral procession. [more]

9-10-1988 Wage strike by Eiffel Tower workers. [more]

13-10-1903 35,000 textile workers stop work in Armentières and Houplines to put an end to 14 years of a wage freeze. It will take 46 days to reach an agreement with the bosses defended by the dragoons on horseback. [more]

13-10-1942 3,000 railway workers gather at 11 am in the central SNCF workshops in Oullins, against the requisition of 30 of their comrades, designated to work in Germany. The strike spreads throughout the southern zone, not yet occupied by the Germans. [more]

16-10-1906 Closure of the 9th Confederal Congress which adopts the "Charter of Amiens" affirming that "The CGT groups together, outside any political school, all workers aware of the struggle to be waged for the disappearance of wage labour and employers". [more]

17-10-1860 Worker Henri Tolain calls for a workers' delegation to be sent to the International Exhibition in London. [more]

19-10-1946 New civil service statute. The right to strike will only be recognized in 1950. [more]

20-10-1948 20,000 mineworkers demonstrate in Béthune and obtain the release of 8 prisoners including Doctor Versquel. [more]

21-10-1948 Three mineworkers are shot dead by troops during a confrontation in Firminy in the first month of the Great Mines strike. [more]

22-10-1935 Creation of the Workers' University of Montreuil. Of communist origin, it was the place of resolutely popular collective education. [more]

22-10-1903 Jean Jaurès, then Deputy for Tarn, met 3,000 strikers from the textile factories of Armentières and 6,000 in Houplines and agreed to plead their cause in the National Assembly. [more]

24-10-1920 24-hour strike by Le Havre sailors against the conviction of the Black Sea mutineers. [more]

26-10-1849 Police forces seize three mines in Alès during a strike that began on October 1. The operation resulted in the death of a miner and 400 arrests. The strike ended on November 29, after two deaths. [more]

26-10-1948 The police invade the Gard basin. The mason Max Chaptal, who was demonstrating with the miners, is killed by a machine-gun bullet fired by a tank. There are also 8 seriously injured. [more]

27-10-1948 Dockworkers block the flow of foreign coal into ports. The CGT calls on all sailors and railway workers to follow. [more]

28-10-1948 The Federation of railway workers-CGT calls on workers to block the trains carrying foreign coal. [more]