Biggest strike in decades

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Ski workers latest to rally against Macron's reforms 2020-02-16 [Yahoo]

Wall Street Giant *BlackRock* Becomes a Symbol for Anticapitalist Fervor in France 2020-02-15 [NYTimes]

Workers at Intercontinental Marseille hotel face management backlash for challenging abusive working conditions 2020-02-14 [IUF]

ILO produces video on 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris 2020-02-12 [BWI]

Govt, unions kick off talks on tackling pension deficit 2020-01-31 [Yahoo]

Fresh mass protests against pension reform sweep France 2020-01-30 [Deutsche Welle]

Police clash with firefighters during Paris protest 2020-01-29 [The Guardian]

IndustriALL and Michelin sign agreement for global works council 2020-01-28 [IndustriALL]

Firefighters and police battle each other on the streets of Paris: Asonishing scenes as riot cops clash with their emergency worker colleagues who are demanding better pensions 2020-01-28 [Daily Mail]

We won’t back off on pension protests, union ‘Asterix’ warns Macron 2020-01-26 [The Guardian]

The Press Freedom Police Codex launches in France 2020-01-25 [EFJ]

Protests across France against pensions overhaul 2020-01-25 [Yahoo]

Unions face moment of truth in fight over pensions 2020-01-24 [Yahoo]

Unions threaten 'black day' for transport in new pension battle 2020-01-24 [RFI]

How Paris transport has been hit by return of strikes on Friday 2020-01-24 [The Local]

In France’s longest protests since 1968, striking workers continue the fight against neoliberalism 2020-01-22 [MR]

France set for new national protest day with pension strikes to continue on Thursday 2020-01-16 [The Local]

French strike passes 40th day as workers reject Macrons manoevre 2020-01-15 [In defence of Marxism]

Indefinite strike for direct employment at Ibis Batignolles Hotel in Paris 2020-01-15 [IUF]

Macron Scraps Proposal to Raise Retirement Age in France 2020-01-13 [The Times]

French PM makes major concession to unions over pension age 2020-01-12 [The Guardian]

After Five Weeks Of Protests, French Prime Minister Offers Concession To Unions 2020-01-12 [Huff Post]

Govt offers compromise in bid to end transport strike 2020-01-12 [Yahoo]

PM offers pension compromise in bid to end strike 2020-01-12 [BBC]

French government fails to break deadlock as nationwide protests bite 2020-01-11 [Radio New Zealand]

French unions take to the streets in make or break pension protest 2020-01-11 [Radio New Zealand]

Teamsters Demonstrate At French Embassy And Consulate In Solidarity With Striking Workers In France 2020-01-10 [Teamsters]

Nationwide protest in France over pensions as talks continue 2020-01-10 [The Daily Courier]

Tensions flare in French protests as pension dispute grinds on 2020-01-10 [RFI]

French strikers set to begin a 'total blockade' of oil refineries 2020-01-07 []

Pension talks resume as govt seeks to end standoff 2020-01-07 [Yahoo]

Critical week in France's pension reform protests 2020-01-06 [Connexion]

Strikes in France cause more travel misery on Monday 2020-01-06 [The Local]

French unions heading for showdown with Macron on pensions 2020-01-06 [The Guardian]

French unions heading for showdown with Macron on pensions 2020-01-05 [Guardian]

Self-employed workers in France join strike over pension reform 2020-01-05 [RFI]

French govt meets as unions vow to harden pension strike 2020-01-04 [The Independent]

Transport problems continue in France on Friday as record strike enters 30th day 2020-01-03 [The Local]

Govt huddles as unions vow to harden strike 2020-01-03 [Yahoo]

Rail Workers’ Strike Now Longest Since 1968 2020-01-03 [Democracy Now]

Sour notes for Macron from striking Paris Opera musicians 2020-01-01 [Yahoo]

Union calls for a 'total blockade' of oil refineries 2019-12-31 [The Local]

New Year's Eve transport services in France hit by strike action 2019-12-31 [The Local]

Public funds, salaried workers power striking French unions 2019-12-30 [StarTribune]

French government slams hardline CGT union for 'obstructionism' 2019-12-30 [RFI]

After 26 days without pay, how are France's strikers surviving? 2019-12-30 [Euronews]

Crowdfunding and solidarity: How French rail workers sustain a record-long strike 2019-12-30 [France 24]

Government, unions exchange barbs in strike deadlock 2019-12-30 [Yahoo]

Paris protesters clash with police over pension reform 2019-12-29 [The Guardian]

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This month in labour history

4-02-1970 An explosion kills 16 people in a Fouquières-lez-Lens mine belonging to the Compagnie des mines de Courrières, in Pas-de-Calais. [more]

7-02-2006 400,000 people in 187 cities protested against the new CPE law which gave bosses right to fire 18-26 year-old workers with neither notice nor reason. Strikes, riots, occupations and blockades forced govt to drop it. [more]

8-02-1962 The Charonne massacre took place in Paris, when nine members of the CGT trade union were killed by the police while demonstrating against the OAS French paramilitaries in Algeria. [more]

10-02-1905 As a cobblers 'strike at the Monteux factory ends, 600 people listen to Auguste Delalé, secretary of the Parisian CGT cobblers' union at the Limoges LaboUr Exchange. [more]

10-02-1913 Strike at Renault against timing and payment for missing parts and broken tools, the creation of a workers' committee. In retaliation, 436 strikers were dismissed, the workshops closed. [more]

14-02-1974 Despite calls by political parties and unions which fear a resumption of excesses, the number of strikers determined to continue the movement is so great that, ultimately, the continuation of the strike is announced. [more]

14-02-1974 The Chalvet killings. An ambush was set up against the strikers gathered in the Fond Brûlé dwelling, the gendarmes fired live bullets and launched tear gas from a helicopter. One dead and several injured. [more]

16-02-1943 Establishment of the compulsory labor service (STO) for men aged 21 to 23. More than 650,000 of them will be sent to Germany to work there. Almost 35,000 will die there. [more]

18-02-1924 Madame Sorgue, French revolutionary & feminist died in London. A fierce advocate for the working class, she supported many strikes, including several by women workers in France against sexual harassment from male bosses [more]

25-02-1792 Working class ‘sans-culottes’ invaded shops in Paris forcing merchants to sell their goods at affordable prices. [more]