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SEK criticises government, calls for clear minimum wage hourly rate

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SEK criticises government, calls for clear minimum wage hourly rate 2023-11-21 [In-Cyprus]

Workers demand north’s minimum wage be raised 2023-11-11 [CyprusMail]

T/C teachers’ union to hold anti-‘government’ protest tomorrow 2023-11-09 [In-Cyprus]

WFTU support the strike in state hospitals in Cyprus 2023-10-29 [WFTU]

Turkey Northern Cyprus: The EFJ and IFJ demand the withdrawal of charges against the President of journalists’ union Basin-Sen 2023-10-09 [EFJ]

Northern Cyprus: IFJ and EFJ demand the withdrawal of charges against the President of journalists' union Basin-Sen 2023-10-07 [IFJ]

Europe Greek and Turkish Cypriot trade unions condemn violence in Pyla 2023-08-30 [InCyprus]

Police stopped workers from entering north’s power station 2023-07-27 [CM]

Bank workers union claims victory over travel expenses 2023-07-27 [CM]

Northern Cyprus: IFJ and EFJ condemn firing of Ali Kişmir, censorship and political pressure 2023-06-28 [IFJ]

Turkey Northern Cyprus: EFJ condemns firing of Ali Kişmir, censorship and political pressure 2023-06-28 [EFJ]

Peo trade union condemns attack on food delivery driver 2023-06-07 [The Mail]

Prison guards threaten with measures citing “indifference” of justice ministry 2023-05-17 [The Mail]

CoLA compromise deal signed, labour peace restored 2023-05-13 [The Mail]

Cyprus PEO - Federação Pancipriota do Trabalho visita Portugal a convite da CGTP-IN 2023-04-04 [CGTP]

Chipre llora la pérdida de un equipo deportivo escolar en el terremoto de Turquía 2023-03-23 [IE]

Chypre déplore la perte d’une équipe de sport scolaire dans le séisme survenu en Turquie 2023-03-23 [IE]

Country mourns the loss of a school sports team in the Turkish earthquake 2023-03-18 [EI]

New president faces industrial unrest 2023-02-18 [The Financial Mirror]

Labor unrest in the midst of an election - today's strike 2023-01-26 [Kathimerini]

Cypriots walk off job in rare strike over index-linked pay demands 2023-01-26 [Saltwire]

Workers stage 3-hour strike in Cyprus to demand pay raises 2023-01-26 [apnews]

Food-Delivery Riders Went on Strike to Be Treated Like Workers 2023-01-09 [Jacobin]

EAC unions to meet with minister to resolve workers’ demands 2023-01-03 [The Mail]

VIDEO  Wolt strikers stage protest march 2022-12-23 [InCyprus]

No blackouts tomorrow as EAC unions call off strike measures 2022-12-13 [The Mail]

Online Abuse: 'I refuse to change my journalistic routines and practices because of online harassment', journalist Esra Aygin 2022-11-29 [IFJ]

Ministry tries to reassure airport workers after strike 2022-09-26 [The Mail]

Cyprus: KTMAS strikes on the situation in North Cyprus 2022-09-26 [WFTU]

Baggage handlers to discuss more measures after two-hour Paphos strike 2022-09-25 [The Mail]

TURK-SEN and SEK to set up joint committee on labour 2022-09-21 [InCyprus]

Bicommunal peace event by unions 2022-08-31 [Knews]

Doctors hold work stoppage 2022-06-20 [FM]

Keve comments on minimum wage draw ire from labour unions 2022-05-14 [Cyprus Mail]

Cyprus CGTP-IN reúne com Federação Pan-cipriota do Trabalho (PEO) 2022-04-15 [CGTP]

В Никосии и Ларнаке – забастовка водителей 2022-03-21 [Вестник Кипра]

Ukraine Unions say war undermines need for foreign workers 2022-03-14 [Cyprus Mail]

Northern Cyprus: Heavy criminal charges against the president of the journalists' union 2022-02-24 [EFJ]

Northern Cyprus: President of journalists' union faces serious criminal charges for his reporting 2022-02-23 [IFJ]

Some 130 Turkish Cypriots to be interviewed Tuesday for jobs in the RoC after unions agree 2021-12-28 [The Mail]

Limassol port workers continue strike for third day 2021-08-04 [In-Cyprus]

Limassol port strike ends, DP World signs labour deal 2021-08-04 [Financial Mirror]

DP World Limassol port workers go on impromptu strike 2021-08-02 [In-Cyprus]

TV station attacked by crowd protesting Covid measures and vaccination 2021-07-20 [IFJ]

Ioannou calls on nurses to reconsider planned strike action 2021-06-05 [The Mail]

Workers in north strike over cost of living pay freeze 2021-04-06 [The Mail]

Cyprus Turkish Cypriot journalist harassed by the Turkish government 2021-01-15 [EFJ]

Portugal CGTP-IN em defesa da solução para o problema cipriota 2020-10-24 [CGTP]

Northern Cyprus union fights privatization of electric power 2020-10-03 [IndustriALL]

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