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ITF delegation supports Chilean seafarers’ defence of cabotage

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ITF delegation supports Chilean seafarers’ defence of cabotage 2023-12-09 [ITF]

Antofagasta, union begin mediation to avoid strike 2023-12-06 []

Codelco workers warn against job cuts, do not rule out strike -union head 2023-10-26 [Saltwire]

Sindicato de Minera Escondida no activará buenos oficios y huelga partiría este miércoles 2023-10-03 [Diario Financiero]

Chile Chilean socialists support Belarusian political prisoners 2023-08-03 []

Union 2 in Chile’s audiovisual sector includes ILO Convention 190 in new collective bargaining agreement 2023-06-14 [UNI]

Labour Movement Welcomes National Lithium Company; Calls for Full State Control 2023-05-03 [TUED]

Solidarity amidst Chile’s forest fires 2023-03-20 [BWI]

PSI celebrates historic approval of Convention 190 by Chile 2023-03-20 [PSI]

Solidarity amidst Chile’s forest fires 2023-03-18 [BWI]

Victory in Chile as FENASSAP wins “right to rest” for private care workers who worked through the pandemic 2023-02-08 [UNI Global Union]

Workers for Chile's Escondida mine accept BHP's offer and will not strike-union source 2022-11-28 [Saltwire]

Port Strike Resumes at Chile’s San Antonio Port 2022-11-21 [Maritime Executive]

Workers call strike at world’s largest copper mine 2022-11-17 [Hurriyet]

Escondida mine workers announce strike amid labor demands 2022-11-16 [Yahoo]

Latam Airlines and pilots in Chile reach deal averting strike 2022-11-10 [Saltwire]

Just transition through collective bargaining: lessons from Chile 2022-11-09 [ITF]

Union at Antofagasta's Los Pelambres mine expects labour deal to avoid strike 2022-10-05 [Reuters]

Escondida Copper Mine Workers Announce Strike 2022-09-09 [TeleSUR]

Country moves forward in the fight against harassment and violence in the world of work, congress to vote on ratification of ILO C190 2022-09-04 [UNI]

New Chilean constitution is an inspiration, says UNI 2022-09-04 [UNI]

Education International Latin America to visit Chile to express support for the new constitution and its defence of the right to education 2022-08-04 [EI]

Workers strike at Codelco, world's largest copper producer 2022-06-24 [Al Jazeera]

iners strike at copper giant Codelco; government plays down impact 2022-06-22 [Reuters]

Codelco unions ready strike after troubled Chile smelter shuttered 2022-06-19 [Reuters]

CSTEBA Chile continues to fight against layoffs 2022-06-04 [UNI]

‘You Have to Be Very Persistent': Lessons from the Starbucks Union 2022-05-22 [Labour Notes]

Union at BHP's Escondida Chile copper mine threatens work stoppage 2022-03-18 [Saltwire]

Controversy over Chile's lithium tender process 2022-01-21 [IndustriALL]

In Chile, Boric's Win Signals Victory for Social Movements and New Constitution 2021-12-24 [Nacla]

Boric wins Chilean Elections and boosts the New Left in Latin America 2021-12-22 [PSI]

Chilean Senate Labour Committee approves bill for commerce worker safety 2021-11-05 [UNI Global Union]

No return on copper for BHP workers in Chile 2021-11-04 [IndustriALL]

Mexico Electrolux workers reach agreements in Chile and Mexico 2021-11-04 [IndustriALL]

Police Violence Marked the Second Anniversary of Chile's 2019 Uprising 2021-10-27 [Nacla]

Union at Albemarle Atacama plant rejects new contract offer, strike continues 2021-09-14 [Yahoo]

Lumina Copper reaches deal to end strike at Chile's Caserones mine 2021-09-06 [Yahoo]

Codelco calls striking workers back to table at Andina mine 2021-08-28 [Reuters]

Union at BHP's Cerro Colorado calls on workers to reject contract offer 2021-08-26 [The Financial Post]

Workers at Chile's Escondida mine hit jackpot, raise bar in labor talks elsewhere 2021-08-19 [Saltwire]

Analysis: Workers at Chile's Escondida mine hit jackpot, raise bar in labor talks elsewhere 2021-08-18 [Reuters]

Strike action intensifies at Chile's Andina copper mine 2021-08-18 [Argus]

Three unions on strike at world's largest copper producer 2021-08-18 [ET Auto]

Codelco's Andina miners vote in favor of strike 2021-08-12 [BNA]

Workers bring Electrolux Chile to a standstill to safeguard collective bargaining 2021-08-12 [IndustriALL]

Union at Caserones copper mine in Chile to strike after talks collapse 2021-08-10 [Reuters]

BHP, workers union at Escondida mine in Chile to extend talks by a day 2021-08-10 []

Workers Strike At The World's Largest Copper Mine 2021-08-04 [Via News]

Global copper supply at risk as workers vote to strike 2021-08-04 [The Star]

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This month in labour history

8-12-1907 The government orders the military to massacre thousands of striking workers in the flourishing saltpeter industry in northern Chile. [more]

10-12-1907 A general strike beings in Tarapacá Province, the start of the 18 Pence Strike (la huelga de los 18 peniques). The Chilean army massacres over 2,000 strikers & their families on 21st Dec. [more]

21-12-1907 Santa María School massacre in Iquique Army against striking saltpeter miners, their wives & children. 2000+ die. [more]