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Sneak peek segment on labour standards w/ Adam King 2019-08-23 [Oats for Breakfast]

NUPGE’s 21st session of Leadership Development School wraps up after a week of learning, team building 2019-08-23 [NUPGE]

Ontario Aecon, LIUNA join forces on Women in Trades program 2019-08-23 [The Daily Commercial News]

Retailers called on to ban bisphenol coated receipts 2019-08-23 [ChemicaL Watch]

Manitoba City rejects counter-proposal from transit union as contract battle drags on 2019-08-23 [CBC]

Ontario Open letter to parents offers education workers' views on job action: 'Like you, we want services that help children thrive' 2019-08-23 [CUPE]

Manitoba CUPE wins largest share in voting among Manitoba health-care workers 2019-08-23 [CBC]

Lana Payne First Woman Elected as Secretary-Treasurer of Unifor 2019-08-23 [VOCM]

Independent media as a political organizing tool 2019-08-22 [Rank and File Radio]

Ontario Ford plans many more healthcare cuts 2019-08-22 [Rank and File]

Liberals Approve Exporting Good Canadian Steel Jobs to China 2019-08-22 [USW]

Alberta Rallies against Bill 9 to continue in Lethbridge and Edmonton 2019-08-22 [UNA]

Alberta UNA welcomes Registered Nurses from Carewest Glenmore Park in Calgary 2019-08-22 [UNA]

Jerry Dias acclaimed and Unifor has first woman as National Secretary-Treasurer 2019-08-22 [Unifor]

Ontario Contract chaos threatens reliable school bus service 2019-08-22 [Unifor]

Quebec UFCW Quebec at 2019 Pride Parade in Montreal 2019-08-22 [UFCW Canada]

Labour, health, environmental groups call on Canada’s grocers to ditch toxic receipts 2019-08-22 [UFCW Canada]

Ontario UFCW calls for further action for TFWs in wake of fire at Pioneer Flower Farms 2019-08-22 [UFCW Canada]

Ontario Majority of Ontarians believe Ford Conservatives are on the wrong track for education, particularly Kindergarten 2019-08-22 [ETFO]

Ontario Thanks to extensive lobbying, revised Health and Physical Education Curriculum similar to 2015 version in meeting needs of students, educators 2019-08-22 [ETFO]

Saskatchewan Free mental health walk-in services are expanding 2019-08-22 [SUN]

Ontario Casino Woodbine members win historic collective agreement 2019-08-22 [PSAC]

Ontario Public health crisis looms as Ford continues municipal funding cuts crusade 2019-08-22 [OPSEU]

Ontario It’s unanimous: MacKenzie Health Orthopaedic Technologists and Technicians join OPSEU 2019-08-22 [OPSEU]

Ontario A Statement from OSSTF/FEESO on the Revised Health and Physical Education Curriculum 2019-08-22 [OSSTF]

Ontario Free Event: Using Ontario’s New MSD Prevention Guideline to Empower Workplace- A Year in Review 2019-08-22 [ONA]

Ontario Transgender, Gender, and LGBTQ2S+ in Medicine: Old School or New Generation Perspective? 2019-08-22 [ONA]

Newfoundland and Labrador Second Oil Spill at Hibernia 2019-08-22 [FFAW/Unifor]

Newfoundland and Labrador FFAW Responds to Ocean Choice International and Icewater Seafoods 2019-08-22 [FFAW/Unifor]

Unifor head tells union’s media members he hears concerns about Tory-bashing but won’t stop 2019-08-22 [Global]

British Columbia Teachers head to bargaining table with 2 weeks until start of school year 2019-08-22 [CBC]

Home care workers to meet in Ottawa 2019-08-22 [NUPGE]

Unifor Canada keeps its leader 2019-08-22 [Blackburn]

British Columbia Western Forest Products strike sees both sides digging in 2019-08-22 [The Times-Colonist]

British Columbia 'They're flat broke': Salmon fishermen demand disaster relief for failed season 2019-08-22 [CBC]

Ontario Northwood Lodge Home for the Aged workers unionize 2019-08-22 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

British Columbia Pregnant teachers fight to change WorkSafeBC compensation rules 2019-08-21 [The Mirror]

Alberta Why is Alberta panel targeting province's lowest wage earners? 2019-08-21 [The Herald]

Ontario Ford funding cuts threaten health and security of Ontario families 2019-08-21 [Unifor]

Alberta Unions competing to represent Whitla Wind Farm workers 2019-08-21 [The News]

PSAC head says avoiding Conservative government ‘No. 1’ election issue 2019-08-21 [The Hill Times]

Quebec Thousands rally at Bell Canada, protesting job erosion 2019-08-21 [Unifor]

Jerry Dias acclaimed as Unifor president for third and final term 2019-08-21 [The Coast Reporter]

Grocers urged to ban receipts containing cancer-linked chemicals 2019-08-21 [CTV]

Ontario MacKenzie Health employees in in Richmond Hill, Ont. join union 2019-08-21 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Newfoundland and Labrador NAPE President Sounding Alarm on Ambulance Red Alerts 2019-08-21 [VOCM]

Newfoundland and Labrador RNU President says Incidence of Violence Against Nurses Higher Than Policing, Corrections 2019-08-21 [VOCM]

Newfoundland and Labrador Nurses Look for Solutions to Violence in the Workplace 2019-08-21 [VOCM]

Ontario Carpenters’ give $1M to new Vaughan hospital 2019-08-20 [The Daily Commercial News]

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