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Canada Storstreiken er over [Radio Haugalandet/NTB] 01-05-2023

Canada Fagforeninger boikotter SAS [E24] 13-02-2022

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Historic Vote in Canadian Parliament on Ban of Replacement Workers During Strikes 2024-02-28 [BNN Breaking]

Union says Ottawa should close immigration 'streams that are used by low-wage employers to suppress wages' 2024-02-28 [HRD]

Ontario Central Elgin outside workers poised to strike March 11 2024-02-28 [The Free Press]

Largest federal public sector unions call for ongoing Phoenix damages on 8th anniversary 2024-02-28 [PSAC]

Newfoundland and Labrador Despite arbitrator's ruling that FFAW strike was illegal, president says he'd do it again 2024-02-28 [CBC]

PSAC Strikes Highlight Worker Struggles Across Canada: Demands for Fair Wages Unmet 2024-02-28 [BNN Breaking]

Nova Scotia Autoport workers go on strike in Halifax 2024-02-28 [Radio-Canada]

Alberta Bridges of Canada prison chaplains in Alberta join United Steelworkers union 2024-02-28 [USW]

Palestine IAM Canada Statement on the crisis in Gaza 2024-02-28 [IAMAW]

Unions call on government to extend compensation for public servants over Phoenix pay system 2024-02-28 [CTV]

Manitoba Custodians at Seine River School Division accept new 4-year contract, ending strike: union 2024-02-28 [CBC]

Newfoundland and Labrador NAPE Joins Call for Auditor General to Review Health Contracts 2024-02-28 [VOCM]

Alberta Poll suggests UCP could pay a heavy political price if they persist with plan to pull Alberta out of CPP 2024-02-28 [AFL]

Ontario Two years into bargaining, Board of Directors puts Gilbert Centre workers and Barrie’s most vulnerable at risk 2024-02-28 [CUPE]

Canada Workers and communities fight for justice and peace 2024-02-28 [CUPE]

Shawn Haggerty elected UFCW Canada National President 2024-02-27 [UFCW]

Newfoundland and Labrador Registered Nurses Bring Calls to End Privatization to Confederation Building 2024-02-27 [VOCM]

Unanimous support for anti-scab bill 2024-02-27 [Canadian Press]

Ontario Members at Sarnia Public Library and the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery vote 100% for robust agreement 2024-02-27 [Unifor]

Nova Scotia Autoport attempts to strike bust with use of scab labour 2024-02-27 [Unifor]

Banning scab labour is about protecting workers’ rights 2024-02-27 [CLC]

Palestine Unions condemn decision to cut funding to UNRWA as Gaza burns and innocents die 2024-02-27 [rabble]

Peace Restored In Canada’s Film Industry As Directors Guild Branch Ratifies Contract 2024-02-27 [The Hollywood Reporter]

Groups bring allegations of racism at Canadian Human Rights Commission to global body 2024-02-27 [Western Wheel]

Quebec DNEG Montreal Officially Receives Union Recognition 2024-02-27 [IATSE]

Newfoundland and Labrador Registered Nurses’ Union to Rally Against Privatization of Health Care 2024-02-27 [VOCM]

Alberta Pharmacare would save thousands for Alberta families 2024-02-27 [CUPE]

Ontario Workers and parents push back against closure to keep Francophone child care centre open 2024-02-27 [CUPE]

Air Transat flight attendants now the highest paid in the industry 2024-02-27 [CUPE]

Ontario Massive workers strike hits York University 2024-02-27 [City News]

British Columbia BC minimum wage increases to $17.40 an hour on June 1 2024-02-26 [Ministry of Labour]

Alberta LPNs to rally for better representation 2024-02-26 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Calgary airport workers file for unionization 2024-02-26 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta AB govt workers ask for 26% wage increase 2024-02-26 [Alberta Worker]

British Columbia Budget Funding for Education Not Keeping Pace With BC’s Growing Population, Teachers Federation Says 2024-02-26 [Press Progress]

Saskatchewan Teachers Announce Rotating Withdrawal of Noon-Hour Supervision 2024-02-26 [STF]

Improvements needed to protect workers as Parliament resumes debate on anti-scab legislation 2024-02-26 [USW]

Alberta Pink Shirt Day will be marked on February 28 2024-02-26 [UNA]

Ontario In memoriam: Paul Barry 2024-02-26 [CUPE]

Ontario Solidarity with striking CUPE Local 1490 municipal workers in Black River-Matheson! 2024-02-26 [OPSEU]

Ontario Forest firefighters call out Ford government’s disregard for their health and safety 2024-02-26 [OPSEU]

Ontario Ford government to blame for teacher recruitment and retention crisis in Ontario 2024-02-26 [OSSTF]

Ontario Ford government’s university funding announcement continues to fail struggling universities 2024-02-26 [OSSTF]

Ontario The Regional Municipality of Halton Public Health Unit Nurses Heading to Conciliation 2024-02-26 [ONA]

Turning public health care professionals into for-profit temps harms us all 2024-02-26 [NUPGE]

Nova Scotia Federation of Labour calls for relief for workers in upcoming provincial budget 2024-02-26 [NSFL]

Women in Science (WiS) Café Series 2024-02-26 [PIPSC]

  JOB   Temporary Senior Officer, Union Education Branch, CUPE National Office 2024-02-26 [CUPE]

CCU President Gregory Ball’s Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau on Banning Transfer of Union Dues Outside of Canada 2024-02-26 [CCU]

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