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Pilots at Canada's WestJet Encore ratify agreement with airline 2024-06-15 [Reuters]

Manitoba Winnipeg firefighter's suicide deemed result of workplace injury by compensation board: union 2024-06-15 [CBC]

Ontario City unveils plaque honouring Black Toronto labour leader 2024-06-15 [CBC]

British Columbia Uber unhappy with BC's new policy for gig workers 2024-06-15 [HRD]

Alberta Workers at Shell's Scotford facility in Canada move to set up strike vote 2024-06-15 [Reuters]

Building Trust, Becoming Allies: Practical ways for USW local unions to engage with Indigenous members and Indigenous communities 2024-06-15 [USW]

Quebec Amazon challenging certification of union for workers at its Laval, Que., warehouse 2024-06-15 [The Star]

A look inside the tentative deal for Canada's border workers 2024-06-15 [CBC]

Newfoundland and Labrador Private Homecare Workers Reject Contract Despite NAPE Thumbs-Up 2024-06-15 [VOCM]

New Brunswick Bus Drivers and Mechanics Respond to the Auditor General’s Report on School Bus Safety 2024-06-15 [CUPE]

British Columbia Access to WorkSafeBC compensation extended for workers with job-related psychological injuries 2024-06-15 [HEU]

Ontario Unanimous strike vote at Yorktown Family Services reveals problems in Toronto’s safety net for families and children 2024-06-15 [CUPE]

Ontario York University Campus Safety Workers hold press conference and info picket ahead of strike deadline 2024-06-15 [CUPE]

Saskatchewan Teachers Agree to Binding Arbitration for New Provincial Collective Agreement 2024-06-15 [STF]

WestJet Encore Pilots Ratify Collective Agreement with Improvements to Pay and Working Conditions 2024-06-14 [ALPA]

Alberta Unifor members reject mediator’s recommendations, setting up strike vote at Shell 2024-06-14 [Unifor]

British Columbia UFCW welcomes B.C. Government legislation for app-based workers 2024-06-14 [UFCW]

Tentative agreement reached for more than 9,000 workers at Canada Border Services Agency, summary available 2024-06-14 [PSAC]

Alberta Alberta’s Labour Board, Bad Bosses, and the Battle for Your Rights 2024-06-14 [Teamsters]

British Columbia ‘These companies can suck it up’: B.C. premier stays firm despite Uber pushback 2024-06-14 [The Daily Guardian]

Alberta Sofina Foods workers reignite union efforts at Edmonton plant 2024-06-14 [The Journal]

Ontario Black Ironworkers activist Jack White to be honoured by plaque 2024-06-14 [The Daily Commercial News]

PSAC celebrates equitable pension reform for thousands of frontline workers 2024-06-14 [PSAC]

Alberta An Historic Strike Vote at Cargill 2024-06-14 [UFCW Canada 401]

Alberta Cargill case ready: we have applied for secondary picketing 2024-06-14 [UFCW 401]

Alberta 'A courageous stand': Calgary Cargill workers reach unanimous decision to strike 2024-06-14 [CTV]

Real wage trends by industry 2024-06-14 [CUPE]

Ontario Pearson Airport Screening Officers Vote to Strike 2024-06-14 [Open Jaw]

Total compensation is up, so why aren’t wages? 2024-06-14 [CUPE]

Alberta Cargill workers back strike action at Canada meat plant 2024-06-14 [Just Food]

CBSA workers get roughly 15% raise over 4 years in tentative deal 2024-06-14 [Global]

Amazon workers are forming unions. What happens next? 2024-06-14 [The Independent]

Mushroom farm workers in Fyffes family move to join union 2024-06-14 [IUF]

British Columbia Workers at Icon Creative join IATSE 2024-06-14 [IATSE Canada]

Ontario ‘I don’t think they take us seriously’: Sault paramedics stage rally as contract negotiations remain stalled 2024-06-13 [Spectator]

British Columbia Lynn Bueckert appointed as HEU’s secretary-business manager 2024-06-13 [HEU]

British Columbia BCFED calls for full employment rights for ride-hail and food delivery workers 2024-06-13 [BC Fed]

British Columbia Basic protections for B.C. gig workers are a step forward 2024-06-13 [Unifor]

Flying Under the Radar 2024-06-13 [Canadaland]

British Columbia Gig workers in B.C. to be paid minimum of $20.88 an hour 2024-06-13 [CBC]

Two-year labour dispute taking its toll on Guelph actor 2024-06-13 [Today]

Alberta AFL president responds to Labour Force Survey reported job losses 2024-06-13 [AFL]

Ontario Union claims public safety at risk if Enbridge Gas eliminates emergency response shifts 2024-06-13 [CITY]

Alberta CUPE Local 38 poised to enact work-to-rule as contract negotiations remain at an impasse 2024-06-13 [The Herald]

Federal Government will soon require a policy allowing workers to disconnect. It won’t apply to public servants 2024-06-13 [The Citizen]

Ontario Expansion of alcohol to convenience stores is a covert union avoidance strategy 2024-06-13 [The Conversation]

Prince Edward Island Union raises burnout concerns over Health PEI’s summer incentives 2024-06-13 [HRD]

British Columbia UFCW welcomes B.C. Government legislation for app-based workers 2024-06-13 [UFCW Canada]

Ontario Migrant farm workers at Fyffes’ Highline Mushrooms apply to join United Food and Commercial Workers 2024-06-13 [UFCW]

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