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Morrison looks to overhaul industrial relations in the wake of covid-19 2020-05-26 [ABC]

Victoria University to shed hundreds of staff amid COVID-19 crisis 2020-05-26 [The New Daily]

HSU welcomes Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s withdrawal of the Ensuring Integrity legislation 2020-05-26 [HSU]

Federal government underspend blunder should open Jobkeeper to more casuals 2020-05-26 [Queensland Unions]

Casual Employment Arrangements Can’t Strip Permanent Workers of Rights 2020-05-26 [UnionsACT]

Queensland CQUniversity rejects Jobs Protection Framework in Favour of Redundancies 2020-05-26 [NTEU]

NTEU slams Vice Chancellors for failure to protect universities 2020-05-26 [NTEU]

Queensland Pandemic can’t stop the ETU: hard work pays off with massive QLD EBA win 2020-05-26 [ETU]

Paul McGuire inquest shows why management accountability is critical in mines 2020-05-26 [CFMMEU]

Apprentice shortages made worse by government’s own rules 2020-05-26 [CFMMEU]

What does Reconciliation Week mean to you? 2020-05-26 [CPSU]

Flywell -- is it just a fancy name? 2020-05-26 [ASU]

Qantas needs to consult if it wants to get rosters and stand downs right 2020-05-26 [ASU]

Prominent Australians supporting public education 2020-05-26 [AEU]

ACTU will focus on building a better, stronger and fairer Australia 2020-05-26 [ACTU]

Statement from ACTU President Michele O’Neil on Virgin bidders meetings 2020-05-26 [ACTU]

'They are poverty wages': Top unionist calls for living wage for front-line workers 2020-05-26 [The Morning Herald]

Scott Morrison takes aim at Australia's industrial relations system, reaches out to business and unions 2020-05-26 [ABC]

Scott Morrison walks away from union-busting 'integrity' bill 2020-05-26 [The Guardian]

Qantas loses bid to use jobkeeper subsidy to soak up larger portion of wages bill 2020-05-25 [The Guardian]

One million casual workers granted access to annual, sick and other leave 2020-05-25 [AWU]

Casuals court ruling: After the pandemic, it’s workers v business, as usual 2020-05-24 [The New Daily]

New South Wales Worker safety must be at the forefront of re-opening NSW hospitality 2020-05-24 [UWU]

NTEU's job protection plan met with praise, anger from UC, ANU staff 2020-05-24 [The Times]

Faces of the frontline: How these vulnerable workers survived coronavirus in Australia 2020-05-24 [SBS]

Only one in five disability workers has positive NDIS experience 2020-05-22 [Talking Disability]

Poll reveals Aussies not ready for return to work amid Covid-19 2020-05-22 [Newstalk]

Federal Government should follow German Lufthansa model for Virgin 2020-05-22 [TWU]

Australian Capital Territory “Not toothless” but cops’ union says new assault laws do not go far enough 2020-05-22 [Riot ACT]

Union demands proof for Government’s estimate that Job Keeper and Job Seeker will boost arts industry by $4bn-$10bn 2020-05-22 [Mumbrella]

Jobkeeper error: pay airport workers now 2020-05-22 [TWU]

Australian gas must power Australian manufacturing 2020-05-22 [AWU]

Aussie larrikin spirit gets final laugh over BP in downfall meme battle 2020-05-22 [AWU]

Country's Youngest Union Is Organizing Retail and Fast-Food Workers 2020-05-22 [Jacobin]

Virgin workers push for full capacity airline 2020-05-21 [TWU]

Low paid workers need wage rises to help boost economy & clients must be held to account over them 2020-05-21 [TWU]

Industrial Manslaughter Laws a Win for Worker Safety 2020-05-21 [AWU]

Billion-dollar company takes JobKeeper with one hand and threatens redundancies with the other 2020-05-21 [UWU]

South Australia Petition launch to end Treasurer’s hidden agenda for health workers 2020-05-21 [UWU]

Poll shows less than 10% of workers have basic COVID protections at work 2020-05-21 [ACTU]

Court confirms permanent workers cannot be casuals 2020-05-21 [ACTU]

Govt must come clean on Centrelink closures 2020-05-21 [CPSU]

Union warns of looming manufacturing crisis 2020-05-21 [The Times]

Court rules casual workers are entitled to paid leave backpay worth $8 billion 2020-05-21 []

New South Wales 'Give us bloody masks': union calls for Covid-19 protection for public transport workers 2020-05-21 [The Guardian]

Employer groups call for reform after court finds casual workers may be owed paid leave 2020-05-21 [The Guardian]

Workplaces adopt physical distancing but few other Covid-19 safety measures, poll finds 2020-05-21 [The Guardian]

COVID19 and Safety Managers 2020-05-21 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

WorkSafe and Industrial Manslaughter webinar 2020-05-20 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

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