Today in labour history

Today in Labour History

1981 Canada Some 16,000 Ontario hospital workers, members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, take part in an illegal strike. CUPE President Grace Hartman later goes to jail for supporting her members.[more]

1983 Canada Instructors at Quebec CEGEPs walk out, beginning a Common Front strike against rollbacks in collective agreements introduced by the Parti Québécois. Primary and high school teachers and other public sector workers join the protest.[more]

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Norway Historisk høge straumprisar. Folk slit med straumrekningane [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-01-26

Norway Saksøker matkonsernet Tine etter varslingssak [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-01-25

Norway Hurtigruten vil ha norske lønns- og arbeidsforhold [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-01-25

Norway Orkla har bestemt seg. Lar Norgesplaster bli i Norge [E24] 2022-01-25

Cambodia Cambodia's Naga casino denies union busting as strike continues [Nikkei Asia] ActNOW! 2022-01-25

Global Les prévisions de l’OIT de reprise de l’emploi mondial revues à la baisse [CFDT] 2022-01-25

Norway Fellesforbundet har vedtatt krav om økt kjøpekraft og forbundsvist oppgjør [TV 2] 2022-01-25

Norway 50 kan miste jobben om Norgesplaster flagger ut [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-01-24

Canada La pandémie, un moment propice pour la syndicalisation, affirment des experts [Radio-Canada] 2022-01-24

Spain 45 Aniversario de los #AbogadosdeAtocha [CCOO] 2022-01-24

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Today's news: 26.01.2022

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Australia PFA supports Uluru Statement from the Heart [PFA] 2022-01-25 4 more labour news stories from Australia today

Belarus Only dialog can end the national crisis [Scoop World] 2022-01-26

Belize Christian Workers Union on Port of Belize crisis: ‘It did not have to come to this’ [BreakingBelizeNews] 2022-01-26

Cambodia Striking Casino Workers in Cambodia Protest Union Leaders' Arrests For more info ActNOW! [Solidarity Center] 2022-01-25

Canada / Ontario Unifor joins new skilled trades agency board [Unifor] 2022-01-25 10 more labour news stories from Canada today

Global UN Global Compact on Migration [PSI] 2022-01-25 1 more labour news stories from Global today

New Zealand Bus marshalls: Auckland Transport on board safety officers after vicious assault [Stuff] 2022-01-25 2 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Palestine NGO: Israel uses 'organized terrrorism against Palestinian media [Press TV] 2022-01-25

South Africa Solidarity attributes PetroSA retrenchments to mismanagement, poor political will [Engineering News] 2022-01-26 8 more labour news stories from South Africa today

UK Unite vows to fight Royal Mail's plans to axe 700 jobs [Morning Star] 2022-01-26 2 more labour news stories from UK today

USA MLB, players’ union meet in person for first time since lockout [Registration required] [Washington Post] 2022-01-25 4 more labour news stories from USA today