Today in labour history

Today in Labour History

1848 France An insurrection in Paris ends the July Monarchy. After 10 days of tension, the troop opened fire, killing 50 demonstrators on Bld des Capucines. Workers and students rob the gunsmiths and set up 1500 barricades in the city.

1910 United States of America Workers at the soon to be infamous Triangle Shirtwaist factory decided to end their five month long strike. They had won higher wages and reduced hours but failed to get union recognition.

2004 Slovakia Police attacked unemployed workers, mostly Roma, protesting welfare cuts. Police beat & tear gassed, then tortured people with batons and electric prods but unemployed kept up struggle & won improvements.

2011 Greece Greeks stage a huge general strike in protest at IMF and EU austerity measures[more]

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Colombia El 2020 arranca con ola de amenazas y atentados a sindicalistas [AIL] 2020-02-23

Cambodia Great Duke Workers Awarded Compensation as Unions Demand Law Reforms [The Daily] 2020-02-23

Chile Growing Threats to Human and Trade Union Rights [EI] 2020-02-23

USA Kickstarter Employees Vote to Unionize in a Big Step for Tech [NY Times] 2020-02-20

Colombia Paro nacional en defensa de la paz [IE] 2020-02-20

Norway Vi kan ikke rote bort landindustrien vår [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-02-19

Norway Dominos Pizza i Trondheim får tariffavtale etter trussel om streik [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-02-19

China Holding China’s trade unions to account - in-depth investigation into the ACFTU’s reform initiative [CLB] 2020-02-19

Norway Dette var de ni viktigste sakene fra LOs representantskap [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-02-19

Colombia No cesan las amenazas contra dirigentes sindicales [CUT] 2020-02-19

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Today's news: 23.02.2020

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Africa Regional Committee sets the course to revitalise education and teacher professionalism [EI] 2020-02-23

Australia Wage theft: Employer calls to ‘reform’ award system are a bare-faced con job [The New Daily] 2020-02-23 2 more labour news stories from Australia today

Bosnia and Herzegowina Shortage of Construction Workers [The Times] 2020-02-22

Brazil Oil Workers Suspend Petrobras Strike [Folha] 2020-02-22 1 more labour news stories from Brazil today

Canada / British Columbia 'How did the CLAC union end up supporting the company and not supporting the dead worker?' [CBC] 2020-02-23 33 more labour news stories from Canada today

Caribbean / Canada To the leaders of CARICOM and the broader Caribbean community [NWU] 2020-02-23

Colombia National Strike in Defence of Peace [EI] 2020-02-23

Europe The right to collective bargaining for all workers is a fundamental right [EFJ] 2020-02-22 4 more labour news stories from Europe today

Finland Pack light: Overtime ban to slow baggage handling at Helsinki-Vantaa airport [YLE] 2020-02-22

France French workers continue their epic struggle against Macron’s economic reforms [The Canary] 2020-02-22

Ghana Encroachment on our lands threatens aviation safety – GCAA [Ghanaweb] 2020-02-22 2 more labour news stories from Ghana today

Global OECD on path to a treaty model clause for responsible business conduct ? [TUAC] 2020-02-22 1 more labour news stories from Global today

Guatemala Union signs historic agreement with Ternium Guatemala [IndustriALL] 2020-02-23

Guyana GAWU mulling nationwide strike if sugar workers’ wage hike not retroactive to 2019 [The Stabroek News] 2020-02-22

Haiti Generalised violence throws education system into chaos [EI] 2020-02-23

India / Andhra Pradesh RTC staff told not to take protest route [The Times] 2020-02-23 5 more labour news stories from India today

Israel / Global UN database on companies operating in illegal Israeli settlements welcomed [ITUC] 2020-02-22

Kazakhstan Union develop strategies against gender-based violence [BWI] 2020-02-23

Korea (South) KHMU scores a victory at Youngnam University Hospital [UNI] 2020-02-23 2 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

Mexico Workers strike at Notimex amid austerity measures [El Universal] 2020-02-23 1 more labour news stories from Mexico today

Philippines ILO inquiry on the Philippines should include unions [IndustriALL] 2020-02-23 1 more labour news stories from Philippines today

Singapore Volunteers help NTUC prepare care packs for front-line workers [The Straits Times] 2020-02-23 1 more labour news stories from Singapore today

South Africa Government 'must come to the party' on SA Express, says union [Fin 24] 2020-02-23 3 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Thailand THAI denies sales slump will force pay cuts [The Post] 2020-02-23

Turkey Turkey’s Journalists’ Union calls on Google to reconsider GNI funding to pro-government Demiroren Media [EFJ] 2020-02-22

UK University staff walk out for fair pay, conditions and pensions in the largest strike to date [EI] 2020-02-23

USA / Ohio Oberlin College “Considering” Outsourcing Dining, Custodial Services [Oberlin Review] 2020-02-23 9 more labour news stories from USA today

Zambia Kalumbila Minerals, unions sign new deal [The Mast] 2020-02-22 0 more labour news stories from Zambia today