Today in labour history

Today in Labour History

1854 Czech Republic Karl Kautsky, Marxist theorist and pre-eminent leader of the Second International born in Prague, then in the Austrian Empire

1859 United States of America John Brown leads anti-slavery raid on Harper's Ferry.

1963 Canada More than 200 nurses start an illegal strike at the Hôpital Sainte-Justine in Montréal. They are seeking an end to overwork and recognition of their role in the health system. The thirty-day strike achieves a settlement that encourages unionization. [more]

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Wednesday 16 October 2019, 13:54:56

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Spain Catalonia: EFJ and IFJ demand an investigation into police violence against journalists [EFJ] 2019-10-16

Philippines Teacher unionist gunned down by masked men [Svenssonstiftelsen] 2019-10-16

Ecuador Government represses strike [BWI] 2019-10-14

Indonesia Reinstate Husni! Mobilization continues for union rights at Accor's Pullman Jakarta [IUF] 2019-10-14

Qatar Human Rights Watch calls on Qatar to urgently Investigate Migrant Worker Deaths [Human Rights Watch] 2019-10-11

Hong Kong Smear campaign targets Hong Kong unionists and journalists [IFJ] 2019-10-11

Turkey / Syria La CES condamne la menace d’invasion de la Turquie et demande à l’UE de mettre fin à l’accord sur les migrants [CES] 2019-10-10

Ecuador Violent repression in Ecuador as workers resist IMF package [ITUC] 2019-10-10

Iraq La CSI exige que el Gobierno de Iraq cese de inmediato la violenta represión de las protestas [CSI] 2019-10-10

Iraq La CSI exhorte le gouvernement irakien à mettre un terme immédiatement à la répression qui s’abat contre les protestataires [CSI] 2019-10-10

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Today's news: 16.10.2019

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Africa / Tanzania Sub-Saharan Africa sets ambitious union agenda [IndustriALL] 2019-10-16 1 more labour news stories from Africa today

Australia / Victoria Victorian aged care facility rostering five staff to more than 100 patients, Royal Commission hears [ABC] 2019-10-16 16 more labour news stories from Australia today

Bangladesh Workers making £88 Lululemon leggings claim they are beaten [The Guardian] 2019-10-15

Canada / Ontario Workers protest short-staffing at Thunder Bay nursing home [rabble] 2019-10-15 10 more labour news stories from Canada today

Chile Teck union to strike at Chile mine [Argus] 2019-10-15

Croatia / Ukraine Unions Demand that Bourbon Rhode Search Continues [The Maritime Executive] 2019-10-15

Dominica Public workers under threat of victimization for political affiliation says Thomas Letang [The News] 2019-10-15

Ecuador Ecuador: Society's Reaction to IMF Austerity Package [NACLA] 2019-10-15 1 more labour news stories from Ecuador today

Europe Low wages prevent rural development in Eastern Europe [BWI] 2019-10-16 1 more labour news stories from Europe today

French Polynesia Long-running hotel strike on Moorea settled [Radio New Zealand International] 2019-10-15

Germany Lufthansa cabin crew to strike at Germany's busiest airports [The Local] 2019-10-15 1 more labour news stories from Germany today

Ghana Trade Union wants employers to pay workers appropriately to prevent corruption [Pulse] 2019-10-15 1 more labour news stories from Ghana today

Global / Thailand ICT, Electrical and Electronics unions prepare for sustainable future [IndustriALL] 2019-10-16 3 more labour news stories from Global today

Haiti Daily protests are paralyzing Haiti. Here’s why. [The Post] 2019-10-15

Hong Kong IFJ condemns police violence against Now News driver [IFJ] 2019-10-16 1 more labour news stories from Hong Kong today

India Indian auto workers speak out in defence of Assange and Manning [wsws] 2019-10-15 8 more labour news stories from India today

Korea (South) Seoul subway union, company reach deal to resume operations [K. Herald] 2019-10-16 3 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

Kyrgyzstan Union vows to remain united despite pressure from government [BWI] 2019-10-16

Latin America / Cuba Regional Solidarity with Cuba [BWI] 2019-10-16

Malaysia Utusan union asks authorities to monitor paper’s liquidation [Yahoo] 2019-10-15

Malta / Europe EFJ and international organisations demand an end to impunity two years after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia [EFJ] 2019-10-16 2 more labour news stories from Malta today

Netherlands The travel restriction law threatens media freedom [EFJ] 2019-10-15

New Zealand CTU releases agenda to achieve a just transition [NZCTU-te Kauae Kamahi] 2019-10-15 22 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Nigeria Lagos will pay above N30,000 minimum wage — Sanwo-Olu [Pulse] 2019-10-15 1 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Northern Mariana Islands Recruitment bid fails to ease CNMI labour shortage [Radio New Zealand International] 2019-10-15

Philippines Labor group braces for ‘lower’ wage increase [The Sun-Star] 2019-10-15 2 more labour news stories from Philippines today

Singapore PAP and NTUC’s ‘twin’ alliance lets workers have a stake in society: PM Lee [Today] 2019-10-15 1 more labour news stories from Singapore today

South Africa / KwaZulu-Natal DENOSA-Kwazulu-Natal pleased to be invited by provincial legislature to its three-day programme of inspectinghealth facilities in the province [COSATU] 2019-10-16 12 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Sri Lanka Prominent members of Ceylon Workers Congress to support Sajith [The Colombo Page] 2019-10-15

Swaziland Cops accused of using social media to track strikers [Times of Swaziland] 2019-10-16

Syria Two journalists killed and four injured in explosion in northern Syria [IFJ] 2019-10-16

UK Royal Mail workers vote to strike in blow to postal service [Business Times] 2019-10-16 11 more labour news stories from UK today

Ukraine / Croatia ITF joins unions demanding that search continue for Bourbon Rhode crew [ITF] 2019-10-16

USA / Illinois Chicago teachers are fighting for their students' futures [The Nation] 2019-10-15 3 more labour news stories from USA today

Venezuela Government boosts worker pay again amid hyperinflation [The Union-Tribune] 2019-10-15

Zimbabwe Govt workers stay home as wages evaporate [Eyewitness News] 2019-10-16 2 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today