Today in labour history

Today in Labour History

1913 Belgium the parliament of Belgium meets against the backdrop of a huge general strike for universal suffrage[more]

1970 United States of America A white foreman at a Chrysler plant in Detroit threatened to murder a black worker. When the worker complained Chrysler sacked him. 1,000 workers, white and black, walked out on strike in protest until management backed down.

1989 China The first student protest in Tiananmen Square occur as wreaths are laid in honour of Hu Yaobang

2010 Spain All professional footballers in Spain went on strike in support of colleagues who had not been paid by the football clubs which employed them.

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Tuesday 16 April 2024, 19:09:20

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Egypt Streik in Mahalla [Jungle World] ActNOW! 2024-04-16

Norway Oljefondets investering i Tesla under lupen [E24] 2024-04-16

Denmark Offentlig ansatte får 8,8 prosent lønnsøkning på to år [Fri fagbevegelse] 2024-04-16

Norway Lønnsoppgjøret: Enighet i hotell- og restaurantbransjen [E24] 2024-04-15

Germany DRINGENDE AKTION zur Unterstützung der Petition der NGG gegen die Schließung der Landliebe-Molkereien [IUL] 2024-04-15

Spain / Global UGT y CCOO denuncian que la crisis climática es un importante riesgo en el 28 de Abril, Día Mundial de la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo [UGT] 2024-04-15

Norway Truer allerede med lærerstreik [Utdanningsnytt] 2024-04-15

Ghana Kanskje er de Afrikas beste fagforening [Fri fagbevegelse] 2024-04-14

Norway Feriesmell for omsorgsgigant. Nytt tap for Stendi [Børsen] 2024-04-14

Global RadioLabour World Report - Food riders organize globally [RadioLabour] 2024-04-13

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Today's news: 16.04.2024

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Australia Teachers’ strike to go ahead after State School Teachers Union rejects second pay offer [West Australian] 2024-04-16 17 more labour news stories from Australia today

Bolivia / Latin America Contraband markets: an unsustainable lifeline in a country where informality abounds [Equal Times] 2024-04-15

Canada / Ontario Gate Gourmet Workers to Strike, Impacting In-Flight Meals for Travelers Departing Pearson Airport [Teamsters] 2024-04-16 29 more labour news stories from Canada today

China Bridging Workers' Rights in China’s Manufacturing Sector with Global Supply Chain Tools: A Case-Oriented Approach [China Labour Bulletin] 2024-04-16 1 more labour news stories from China today

France / Europe Nouveau système de contrôle aux frontières : La Commission met en place une usine à gaz ? [FO] 2024-04-16

Georgia App Worker:'Solidarity and Unity in Protecting Our Rights Are Essential' [Solidarity Center] 2024-04-16

Germany Urgent action to support NGG’s petition against closure of the Landliebe dairy plants [IUF] 2024-04-15 1 more labour news stories from Germany today

Global Data analytics in action: how ITF Inspectorate data holds companies responsible for protecting rights in maritime supply chains [ITF] 2024-04-16 2 more labour news stories from Global today

India / Haryana Sanitation workers end five days strike in Mohali [HT] 2024-04-16

Ireland SIPTU welcomes Tánaiste’s support for campaign call for a transport police unit [SIPTU] 2024-04-15

Israel / Palestine Nahum Barnea writes on Gazan workers “The Spies that Weren’t” For more info [Yediout Ahronot] 2024-04-16

Italy Public service RAI becomes a “megaphone” of the government [EFJ] 2024-04-15 1 more labour news stories from Italy today

Macau New trade union law will not ‘empower the workers’ says lawmaker [Macao News ] 2024-04-16

New Zealand More Worksafe cuts will put workers health and safety at risk [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi] 2024-04-16 2 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

South Africa Public sector unions want to strike over latest 4.7% pay rise offer [Daily Maverick] 2024-04-16 7 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Spain Eight decades after the Spanish Civil War, is Spain’s slow exhumation of its traumatic past a signal that it is ready to build “a culture of memory? [Equal Times] 2024-04-15

UK Unite reaction to latest ONS earnings figures [Unite the union] 2024-04-16 13 more labour news stories from UK today

Ukraine BWI conference highlights urgent need to prepare for Ukraine’s reconstruction [BWI] 2024-04-16 1 more labour news stories from Ukraine today

USA / New Jersey Statue of civil rights icon A. Philip Randolph erected in Newark. Meet the artist who spent 7 months sculpting it [CBS News New York] 2024-04-16 3 more labour news stories from USA today