Today in labour history

Today in Labour History

1979 Iran The Shah of Iran flees into exile after months of protests which included strikes by unions and leftwing groups.[more]

1997 India Trade union leader, Dutta Samant was assassinated. He had led 300,000 mill workers in a year-long strike in 1982 in Mumbai.

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Saturday 16 January 2021, 04:14:21

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Jordan 教員組合は解散、指導者らは懲役1年に処せられる [LabourStart] 2021-01-15

Jordan Il sindacato degli insegnanti sciolto, i leader rischiano un anno di carcere. [LabourStart] 2021-01-15

Jordan La instruista sindikato dissolviĝis, la gvidantoj frontas jaron en malliberejo. [LabourStart] 2021-01-15

Jordan Lerarenvakbond ontbonden, leiders kunnen een jaar gevangenisstraf krijgen [LabourStart] 2021-01-15

Jordan Sindicato de profesores disuelto, los dirigentes afrontan un año de cárcel [LabourStart] 2021-01-15

Jordan Feloszlattak egy tanári szakszervezetet, egy év börtön vár a vezetőire [LabourStart] 2021-01-15

Jordan 教師工會解散,領導人面臨一年監禁 [LabourStart] 2021-01-15

Jordan Sindicato dos professorxs dissolvido, xs líderes enfrentam um ano de prisão [LabourStart] 2021-01-15

Jordan تم حل نقابة المعلمين، ويواجه القادة سنة واحدة في السجن [LabourStart] 2021-01-15

Jordan Lærernes fagforening er oppløst og lederne fengslet i ett år [LabourStart] 2021-01-15

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Today's news: 16.01.2021

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Afghanistan Journalist murdered on the first day of 2021 [IFJ] 2021-01-15 1 more labour news stories from Afghanistan today

Australia Shearers deserve long overdue award rate rise [AWU] 2021-01-15 1 more labour news stories from Australia today

Belarus EFJ demands immediate release of Andrei Alexandrov and other journalists imprisoned in Belarus [EFJ] 2021-01-15

Canada Labour College of Canada announces partnership with Brock University [CLC] 2021-01-15 11 more labour news stories from Canada today

Europe New reports highlight journalists’ ethical challenges in the digital age and need for enhanced dialogue with media councils [EFJ] 2021-01-15

France Unions prepare to mobilise in face of uncertainty caused by COVID-19 [Education International] 2021-01-15 1 more labour news stories from France today

Germany Unions call for government clarity and laud work of education staff in remote education [Education International] 2021-01-15 1 more labour news stories from Germany today

Global Will 2021 Bring Positive Change for Working-Class People? [Working-Class Perspectives] 2021-01-15

Ireland Financial union criticises refusal by Government to make face coverings mandatory for customers [RTÉ] 2021-01-15 10 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Jordan [LabourStart] 2021-01-15

Malaysia / Canada Hidden camera reveals 'appalling' conditions in overseas PPE factory supplying Canadian hospitals, expert says [CBC] 2021-01-15

Pakistan PEMRA suspends 24NewsHD’s satellite broadcast [IFJ] 2021-01-15 1 more labour news stories from Pakistan today

South Africa / Mpumalanga NUM shocked by sudden passing away of its NE Deputy Secretary [NUM] 2021-01-15 6 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Turkey Four journalists detained after reporting on alleged torture [IFJ] 2021-01-15 1 more labour news stories from Turkey today

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Moy Park firms to introduce rapid testing [RTÉ] 2021-01-15 13 more labour news stories from UK today

USA / New York Hunts Point Market workers threaten strike over wage dispute [CBS] 2021-01-15 9 more labour news stories from USA today

Zimbabwe Court bars recognized lawyer from representing jailed journalist [IFJ] 2021-01-15 0 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today