Today in labour history

Today in Labour History

1913 Ireland Jim Larkin addresses a crowd of Dublin workers in Croydon Park, telling them to go back to work on the best available terms.

1929 Australia 800 women - mostly the wives of striking Port Adelaide workers - began a march in support of their husbands. The women, many with their children marched to the port to confront scabs, and fought back when attacked by police.

1961 United Kingdom The footballers union wins the abolition of the maximum wage after a unamious strike vote.

1982 India 300,000 textile workers in 60 mills across Mumbai went on strike for wage and bonus increases. Remaining out for 16 months, the workers were eventually defeated in what became a key event in the Indian workers' movement.

1984 Uruguay The PIT holds the first general strike against the Uruguayan military government[more]

2013 China 1000 migrant factory workers in Shanghai stopped work and held 18 bosses hostage in protest at a new disciplinary policy, which included a two-minute limit on the bathroom breaks. The company quickly withdrew the policy.

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