LabourStart in Numbers [6]

Here are today’s totals with the change since the end of December in brackets.  The total for mailing lists now includes all users of laborlists.org — and this now includes a small number who are not subscribers to LabourStart’s own lists.  There is no longer any redundancy — someone who is on both the English list and another list is no longer counted twice.  So the figure of 62,225 is much closer to an accurate number than we’ve had for some time now.  To make it easier to track progress on our largest list, I’m now including the total for the English LabourStart list as well.

  • Mailing lists – subscribers: 62,225 [+1,690]
  • LabourStart’s English language mailing list – 52,548
  • UnionBook – members: 4,366 [+38]
  • Facebook – members of LabourStart group: 2,764 [+160]
  • Twitter – followers: 1,987 [+47]
  • Correspondents: 732 [+10]
  • Union group on Flickr: 527 [+1]
  • LinkedIn – members of LabourStart group: 137 [+58]
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