LabourStart in Numbers [5]

Here are today’s totals with the change since the end of November in brackets.

UnionBook has not actually lost members; what’s happened is that I’ve deleted hundreds of banned members.  The current number is almost entirely real trade unionists using the site.  Our mailing lists have hardly grown at all, due both to the holiday season and the lack of new, inspiring campaigns.  The Facebook group continues to grow fairly dramatically, as does the number of followers on Twitter.  Our new LinkedIn group has quintupled in size over the last month, though I can’t say we’ve yet found a real use for it.

  • Mailing lists – subscribers: 60,535 [+217]
  • UnionBook – members: 4,328 [-608]
  • Facebook – members of LabourStart group: 2,604 [+90]
  • Twitter – followers: 1,940 [+70]
  • Correspondents: 722 [+8]
  • Union group on Flickr: 526 [+4]
  • LinkedIn – members of LabourStart group: 79 [+65]

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