One of my goals in 2010 is to save LabourStart a considerable amount of money by reducing the number of servers we currently run and web services we pay for.  In addition to the LabourStart site on 1&1 Internet, we have a server on Memset (for UnionBook – £3,367/year), one on 1&1 Internet (for an abortive attempt to set up PHPlist but also currently running a number of IUF mailing lists – £207/year), and we pay a monthly fee of £60 to for our mailing lists (£720/year).

I want try to shut down the last two of these and have taken the advice of the person who does the IUF’s Asian Food Worker site and have purchased a very low cost server in the US (£120/year).  My intention is to set up PHPlist there and run all the LabourStart lists and possibly the IUF lists as well.  I have already registered the domain name for this server.  The cost saving will be £807 per year.

We’ll obviously also be looking at ways to reduce UnionBook costs, or to get a union (or unions) to pay for this.

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