LabourStart in Numbers [4]

Here are today’s totals with the change since the end of October in brackets. The last month has seen a very big growth to both our mailing list (due to the Vale Inco campaign, mostly) and our Facebook group, the latter having grown by about 25% this month (due to a mention in one of our mailings).  The number of Twitter followers continues to grow, in part due to the successful Twitter petition campaign we ran.  Growth on UnionBook is still hard to measure accurately, as so many of those signing up are spammers — but we have largely solved that problem.

  • Mailing lists – subscribers: 60,318 [+2,081]
  • UnionBook – members: 4,936 [+159]
  • Facebook – members of LabourStart group: 2,514 [+493]
  • Twitter – followers: 1,870 [+155]
  • Correspondents: 714 [+10]
  • Union group on Flickr: 522 [+8]
  • New! LinkedIn – members of LabourStart group: 14
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