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On 23 August, just after our conference in Washington, I posted a report here with some numbers and I’d like to update this about once a month.  Here are today’s totals with the change since August (always increases) in brackets.  Most notable are the very large gains to our number of Twitter followers and our mailing lists (and this is a net gain, as we loose many subscribers each month due to bouncing email addresses):

  • Mailing lists – subscribers: 59,000 [+394]
  • UnionBook – members: 4,539 [+522]
  • Facebook – members of LabourStart group: 2,013 [+21]
  • Twitter – followers: 1,571 [+378]
  • Correspondents: 687 [+16]
  • Union group on Flickr: 491 [+32]
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  • Flickr Group: we just broke the 500 member barrier. Thanks, I think, to the photo contest. Please flog the group as a place where unions can go to get photos as most are free to use.

    Comment | October 4, 2009

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