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As we discussed at our 2008 and 2009 conferences, LabourStart needs a set of simple guidelines (rules) that determine whether we accept a campaign or not.  What follows is my suggestion.  I welcome your response (use the comments) and intend to publish this in another two weeks (on 9 September) unless there’s a very strong objection raised.  Here goes [text updated 1.9.09]:

LabourStart runs online campaigns at the request of trade unions around the world.  Our preference is for campaigns to be submitted by global union federations, national trade union centres and national unions, but will in some circumstances accept campaigns from local and branch unions.  We do not normally accept campaigns submitted by individuals or NGOs which are not unions.  Campaigns which would benefit from global exposure and support are more likely to be approved than campaigns that will be of no interest outside of your locality or country.  Our campaigns run for three months and if the issues are not resolved by then, LabourStart reserves the right to suspend the campaign.  Unions which request campaigns from us are expected to keep us updated and to promote the campaign to their own members and others.  We never charge unions for running these campaigns and the service will always be free.

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  • derek

    I am a little concerned by the absolute prohibition on NGOs. We have in the past at least worked with AI and the Maquila Solidarity Network, and there is some potential for working with migrant worker NGOs. All in areas/issues where there’s no union to talk to of course.

    Would it perhaps be possible to allow such campaigns where we or preferably the NGO can find a union to ‘sponsor’ their campaign request or something along those line? Otherwise the message we send is that NDOs need not apply.

    Comment | August 27, 2009

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