Sappi dispute ends – reader responses

Subscribers to our mailing list have been writing to tell me what they think about the end of the Sappi dispute in South Africa, which we reported yesterday.  What they write confirms the importance of sending out these follow-up messages, even if what we are reporting is not a 100% victory for the workers.  Here is a sample:

  • “Congratulations Eric, another successful campaign.” – Arthur Rorris, Secretary, South Coast Labour Council, NSW Australia
  • “Good to hear these victories, congrats once again!” – Mac Urata, ITF, UK
  • “Congratulations Eric, Another one bites the dust.  It is joyous to have a win or two. Once again, congratulations on a successful campaign.” – Wendy, Australia
  • “Great news, thanks for the feedback.” – Steve, UK
  • “Well done in highlighting this one. It is always good to hear about the WINS.” – Tony, Ireland
  • “Great news, well done.” – Lindsay
  • “Congratulations Eric. People power makes a difference.” – Shaazka
  • “Brilliant!” – Jean, UK
  • “Viva Worker Solidarity, Viva” – South Africa
  • “This is wonderful news. Last year, I was watching a program (I can’t remember what channel or the name of the program) but it featured a black man in an overseas country.  It was the bombardment of on line petitions and faxes with Labour start (I think) that freed  him. The company got freaked out when there was such an outpouring and didnt want any more trouble and exposure. Since then, I always since these petitions and have no problem with faxing to anywhere in the world.  Anything to help those oppressed jailed workers that fight for the right for safety, fairness and human dignity!  Thank you for all your hard-work Labourstart.  I look forward to more on-line petitions!! ” – Linda, Canada
  • “Many thanks for this fruitful solution. Hope our world solidarity would find justice for workers.” –
    Narith,VP of CTSWF – Cambodian Tourism and Service Workers Federation

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