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Derek:  Photo of the year competition.  It is important to document not only union struggles around the world, but we’re specifically doing, too.  Contest was a success and has great potential to go further.  We have three union photographers to act as judges.  Derek would be happy to do this again next time.


He also believes that some local places might be willing to display our photos.  Eric: It is preferable to have this competition the same time each year.

Union website recognition, too, is a useful way to attract attention.  Eric:  We already do this in our weekly mailings.

Chris Garlock (communications, organizing: on film festivals.  “What have the unions ever done for us?”  From Your Rights at Work:

This movie has turned out to be an excellent organizing tool.  Christine (from IMF) spoke about films at Global Union Federation labor film contest.  75 submissions this year from around the world.  Limited by English, but still growing.  Struggle every year is to get quality, interesting films that are not like infomercials, but more and more excellent films are made every year.  Purchase a channel to show online films?

Chris:  There are probably dozens of film festivals around the world each year.  Film is a powerful medium and, with sites such as, there is easy access and more and more labor films produced.

“Just another cog in the machine”: (John Wood).  Eric: Viewership for this film jumped over 1000% after mention in LS.  Chris:  There may be many more films like this out there — we need to find and promote them.

“We were there”: , with song by Bev Grant w/ Brooklyn Women’s Chorus.  Chris:  There is a hunger out there for labor history films.  Can LS find and help us promote these films?

Eric:  There is a need for an online database of labor films and labor-film festivals.  It should be a priority.  Should consider using tools, such as Youtube and their competitors.  Video contest of the year.  LS branding.  ILCA and CALM should be part of any project.  ITUC should be part of the process.  Chris:  LS can connect people and help get the tools out there.  Big return on small investment of time.

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