33 hours after a mass mailing

We did a mailing to our English list 33 hours ago, reaching some 52,000 subscribers.  The results are interesting, I think:

  • Only 559 signed up to the IUF campaign – I think in part because there have been several IUF Pakistan campaigns and there’s real “campaign fatigue” and possibly confusion about these.
  • Only 22 more people signed up to UnionBook, so we didn’t get that much closer to an interim goal of 3,000 verified users.  This may be because we’ve pitched UnionBook many times before and did not come up with a new and compelling reason to sign up this time.
  • On the other hand, our news about a revived Twitter feed got 23 people to subscribe, so we now have over 1,000 Twitter followers.
  • Finally, book sales were actually not bad at all — even without an author interview this time, we managed to get 12 orders totalling $421.35 (our share is $42.13 of that).
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  • Andy

    If I go to UnionBook now, Sat 16th May 2009 at 18:00 GMT, not logged in, as a potential subscriber would see it, I have to scroll through more than 9 pages of a blank paper image next to the unique indication “Billy O’Neill”. Who would subscribe?
    I already wrote to a guy called “tandmark” who loads us pages of news links every weekend telling him that UnionBook was not a second LabourStart news links site. But he carries on.
    Have we copped some unionbusters? They are certainly deterring potential users from signing up. On the other hand, with 3.000 registered, the level of activity won’t make the latest post change every minute.
    Perhaps we’re just at a critical stage of development.

    Comment | May 16, 2009

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