UnionBook – good news, bad news

The good news is that I’m now devoting myself to beginning to fix as many of the genuine problems we’re having as I can.  The bad news is that the programmer we were employing to do this for us has no time to do it.  So it’s back to learning how to deal with Elgg.  Yes, it would be great if some volunteers with PHP experience would step forward to help, but that hasn’t happened so far and is unlikely to be the case, but I might ask in a future mailing to UnionBook users.  I’ll update you here meanwhile as I cross things off the todo list.


  1. You can now search for groups – I explain how in a blog posting and in the Help page.  I will probably also point this out in our next mailing to UnionBook users.
  2. I’ve written a script that allows an owner of a group (actually, at the moment, anyone) to email all members of a group.  Still working on the security, but in principle we now have a very powerful tool.  I’ve just sent out the first test mailing now.
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  • Wow, way groovy!

    Sorry for the extra work, but keep it up!

    Comment | May 8, 2009

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