Two new campaigns launched this week

We launched two new campaigns this week — Kazakhstan (IndustriALL and ITUC) and Iran (Education International and International Transport Workers Federation).  

The first of these is already in 11 languages and has 4,200 supporters.

(Pictured to the left are Esmail Abdi and Reza Shahabi, the two jailed Iranian trade union leaders, who are the focus of our latest campaign.)

Prior to doing this, we closed the previous Iran campaign which focussed on Esmail Abdi’s hunger strike.

This campaign had 8,410 supporters and ran in 18 languages.

In the UK, we helped to publicise the upcoming strike by McDonald’s workers — including inviting our subscribers to demonstrate at the company’s headquarters in London next weekend.

Having finally caught up with an overflowing inbox, all campaigns and mailings that have been translated have now finally gone live.  Our volunteer translators have been working overtime to keep up with all the new campaigns, and this is greatly appreciated.

Our mailing lists grew by 184 this week due to new supporters for our new campaigns.

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  • The next time something like the McDonald’s strike comes up we might want to, if there’s time, approach the relevant GUF and see if they could approve or endorse or sponsor a global day of protest. Global corporations like McDonald’s are often well and broadly hated, it might get some traction. And likely would be good for our mailing lists too as it might be the kind of appeal that would circulated widely and to an audience a bit different than our ‘usual crowd’.

    Comment | August 25, 2017

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