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Derek Blackadder here. A minor celebration (I’m having caffeinated coffee for a change!) this morning as the English-language Canadian Twitter feed just passed the 5,000 followers mark.

It tweets automatically (I load Hootsuite each morning with stories from the Canada English-language page) once an hour starting at 0700 Eastern and continuing until 1900 Eastern 7 days a week.

Our French-language feed lags a bit numbers-wise at 887 so we’ll be putting on a bit of a push over the next while to get that past the 1,000 followers mark. It tweets once every 2 hours starting at 0800 and ending at 1800.

From what I have read the frequency of tweets is a significant (but not the only) factor in the followers that a feed picks up and so I’m trying to figure out if the French-language feed can move to once an hour as well.

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