Conference 2016 – publicity begins; new campaign launched on Korea

A summary of the latest news from LabourStart in the last 11 days …

2016 Conference:

As we have a date (6-8 May) and a venue (Ryerson University, Toronto) it’s now time to spread the world about our next Global Solidarity Conference.

Derek and Eric had a long Skype call to discuss this.

An online registration system has been set up and the first promotional mailing is about to go out.

The committee in Toronto will be meeting in about two weeks.


There were two small improvements to our campaign pages:

  • We now show, once again, Twitter and Facebook icons which people can use to publicize the campaigns.
  • Also, we’re now showing a few English language news stories in the news box on campaign pages which are not in English. If there is news in the local language, that takes precedence. But for many of the languages, there is no news other than the English news.

We launched a new campaign in support of the embattled Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. The campaign is joint effort of the two Korean labour federations, the ITUC, and most of the global union federations, and it features more logos than any other campaign we’ve ever done. Unfortunately, it is not yet our biggest, with only 5,768 messages sent after 6 days. We can do better than this — please help to spread the word.

I’ve suggested to the ITF that we close our Poland campaign, which has now been running for three months and has gotten 7,907 supporters.

We’ve done followup mailings and new translations for both our Libya and Estonia campaigns in the last week.

We’ve continued discussions with the ITUC on our support for their part of the 50 For Freedom campaign against forced labour. More details coming soon.

We’ll shortly be launching the delayed campaign jointly proposed by workers’ organizations in Israel and Hong Kong to protest the Israeli government decision to import Chinese workers under slave-like conditions.

We’ve had campaign suggestions from India and Italy and are now in discussions with our senior correspondents there about next steps.

Finally, as a result of our campaigns, our mailing lists grew in the last ten days with 617 new supporters.

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  • David D. Saytonneh

    With regards to the import of Chinese slave -like workers is against fair labour practices.
    Are these Chinese more qualified? or aren’t there Israelis that need these jobs? we as a unified body must give our unfailing support to our brothers and sisters in Israel.

    Comment | December 1, 2015

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