Berlin: The good news keeps coming …

Here are some preliminary numbers from the conference that Gisela has correlated for us:

  • 360 people signed the participants lists, of which 46% women. Not too bad a quota although 4% short of ideal :).  (slightly cheating because voluntary interpreters signed up as well and they were overwhelmingly female. But a) they were interested as well b) it doesn’t make a huge difference). Great job!
  • We had 163 contributions in the programme (speakers/facilitators). Some people who spoke in several sessions are counted several times here. Of these 163, 71 or 44% were women. Again not bad, but a bit short of our goal :).  
  • People came from 48 countries. 

We’re currently working on a lot more conference followup including:

  1. Getting reports from all the workshops and getting these up on the web
  2. Getting feedback forms from a far greater number of participants — only 29 so far, so we’ll need to send out reminders.  I think a reasonable target is 20%, or 72 feedback forms back.
  3. Getting as many of those 163 contributions up on the web — and getting the best of them ready for publication in our next book — Global Crisis, Global Solidarity (publication date: September 2014)
  4. Continuing to thank everyone, to pay outstanding bills, and to followup with all the great ideas we got at the conference and aftewards
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  • I can’t wait to read the workshop reports. I couldn’t attend the conference.

    Comment | June 7, 2014

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