Some quick updates


  • We’ve asked to close down the Russian campaign after 4 months and 2,415 supporters.
  • We are about to launch a new campaign in support of Turkish workers.  Both campaigns came from the International Metalworkers Federation.
  • Campaign counter now works on all languages.


  • Work has begun on localizing the entry of news links – we’re testing this on French first.  The aim is to have all the input screens work in the local language so we can recruit correspondents who don’t know any English at all.

Book sales:

  • We’ve sold 53 copies of the Global Unions, Global Business book, which is not bad.
  • The Union Books group has 71 members, making it one of the largest groups on UnionBook.
  • We’ve sold $986.55 worth of books at UCS in the first week of April.
  • We’re in negotiations with the bookstore of one of the largest unions in Europe, Ver.di, in Berlin and might be able to begin selling German-language union books to German trade union members.
  • We’re also talking to an Australian university press about helping to sell one of its titles.


  • Did some more work on creating a Unicode version of these for sites which have switched over to Unicode. So far, French and German are working.


  • There will be concert in Sheffield on 2 May the proceeds of which will be donated to LabourStart – more details soon.
  • We’re also finishing up the deal with No Sweat Apparel to produce a union-made UnionBook t-shirt.
  • We’re following up with possible donations to LabourStart from Unite (UK) and CUPE (Canada).

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