In Colombia, a LabourStart campaign helps win better conditions for Huber Ballesteros

We’ve just received the attached message from Justice for Colombia.  Our campaign in support of jailed trade union leader Huber Ballesteros has resulted in some improvements:

He was finally moved to a different wing of the prison, where the conditions are better than where he was previously being held, with less overcrowding and a cleaner environment. He now has his own cell, whereas before he was sharing with 3 other men, one of whom was a paramilitary which was very dangerous for him. The wing where he is now also has different rules for visitors, so family and friends are able to bring him food on Sundays. This is very important as Huber suffers from diabetes and has been denied the special diet he needs from the prison authorities, so it is essential that he can be provided with food for a good balanced meal at least once a week.  The authorities are considering his request to be able to write a book whilst he is in prison. [For the full text, click here – huber ]

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