Book sales for book number 3: The first 5 days

Here are the sales for “Firefox OS for Activists” after 5 days:

CreateSpace – 40

Kindle – USA – 19; UK – 17; Germany – 1; Canada – 1

Total sales: 78 books

By comparison, sales of our first book reached 377 after just 15 days. Sales of our second book reached 180 copies after just one week.  So we’re selling the books considerably more slowly than we have in the past — instead of 25 books per day, less than 16 — a drop of nearly 40%.  And our sales income will fall as well, as we’re not making any money on the Kindle sales.

This is not unexpected — we anticipated that sales to our usual, trade union audience would be low and we still hope to develop a new audience for this book among people with an interest in new technology.

Meanwhile, we’re waiting for Google to approve our ad for this book, and for the first reviews to appear.

And we’re hoping to get a Spanish translation which would boost sales, as Firefox phones are selling very well in Latin America.

What you can do: if you’ve bought the book and read it, please post your reviews to Amazon.com and let us know — we’ll publicize them.

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