Just published! Firefox OS for Activists – the third LabourStart book in 2013

firefoxosbookcover200 Order your copies today from CreateSpace — and in a week or so, from Amazon and elsewhere.

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  • The LS promo page isn’t very enticing and the CreateSpace one is more or less the same text. What about a review or a summary? After reading the book, will we know how to program activist Firefox apps?

    Comment | October 23, 2013
  • admin

    I’ll be adding improvements to the web page, including a full table of contents and probably a book excerpt. Any suggestions anyone has for making the page more enticing would be welcome. When reviews appear, we’ll post links to them. And no, sorry, the book isn’t about how to write an app for Firefox, though that might be something we could add to the website or a future edition. (There are, of course, already books and websites to teach you to do precisely that.) And I’ll fix the character encoding of the page as well.

    Yesterday was a ‘soft launch’ – just to some websites and social media – with no mass mailings and no paid ads. I’m waiting for the book to become available on Amazon before doing the main launch, probably next Wednesday, so we have some time to fix the current page.

    Comment | October 24, 2013

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