Book sales – the story so far

We hope to have our third LabourStart book completed next week, so this is a good time to look back at sales of our first two titles.

Since the first book (on online campaigns) was published, we managed to distribute 959 copies, 40 of those this week alone. Of those, 696 were sold directly by CreateSpace and Amazon, 138 were office copies we sold, 65 were Kindle sales, and 60 were copies we gave away (mostly to large donors, our volunteer translators, and some journalists).

The French edition of that book has seen 91 copies distributed, 81 of them through CreateSpace and Amazon, and 10 direct sales.

The second book (on the global labour movement) has had 614 copies distributed, 463 of which were CreateSpace and Amazon sales, 103 direct sales from our office, 27 sales of the Kindle edition and 21 copies given away.

The total distribution of all 3 books so far is therefore 1,664 copies.

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