The week in review – 17-23 September

As I’ll be away for much of the time for the next week, I thought I’d do a slightly early update of the last week.  Some highlights …


  • We launched two new LabourStart global campaigns in the last three days — in defense of Honduran trade union leader Victor Crespo, and in support of unions representing staff at the United Nations.  The first of these had almost 6,300 supporters after 3 days; the second had over 4,000 in just 6 hours.
  • We closed down two of our campaigns — the UK-only campaign in support of cleaners at the University of London, and the formerly-Canadian-only, later global campaign in support of workers at the Labatt brewery.
  • We gave an extra boost to our John Greyson campaign after hearing about his hunger strike.
  • In addition, we did a mailing to promote two major new IUF campaigns focussing on Colombia and Honduras.
  • Last week I was invited to UNISON to discuss with them how they could use their new app for smartphones to push LabourStart campaigns out to their members.

News & Correspondents

  • Search is now working on our home page in all languages once again.
  • I did a second weekly mailing to all our correspondents.
  • We now have a translation of our interface into Icelandic, but no volunteer correspondents have stepped forward there yet.
  • We did, however, pick up new volunteer correspondents in Denmark and Finland.

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