LIVE BLOG: Taksim Square attacked by riot police

It’s been a busy morning.  I’m going to live blog here what’s going on.

15:05: I’ll end the liveblogging now.  We’re up to 16,931 messages sent to Erdogan.  That’s a gain of 37 in the last 2 hours, which is again a slowing down.  The response to the crackdown in Taksim Square today has been very limited — only 163 in the last 7 hours.  We’re still 283 signatures short of a LabourStart record-breaking campaign, but I’m sure we’ll reach that now — probably by tomorrow morning.

13:12: There’s been a small growth in the campaign, with 29 people signing up in the last 50 minutes.  We’ve also picked up a grand total of 7 new Twitter followers today, which is very low.  Last month we got 258 new Twitter followers, an average of more than 8 per day.  So today is actually below average, and that’s despite one Twitterer with 135,000 followers having retwetted one of our Tweets including a link to the campaign three hours ago.  Odd.

12:23: Ron Oswald is nearly done with his texting.  Meanwhile, I continue to Tweet, FB, etc.  The total number of new messages sent to Erdogan in all languages in the last 4 hours is just 97.  Not good.

10:50: The Turkish Prime Minister is tweeting furiously – see https://twitter.com/RT_Erdogan.  Feel free to tweet at him using @RT_Erdogan.  Meanwhile, continuing with updates to Facebook, Twitter, our news page, etc.  Still disappointed in the (lack of) growth of our campaign — we’ve only picked up 56 new supporters this morning, in the last 2 1/2 hours.

10:36: Have just written to 508 LabourStart correspondents.  Here is what I asked each of them to do:

  • If you’ve not yet signed up to the campaign, please do so right now.
  • Please spread the news about the campaign in your union — let’s grow this rapidly and flood Prime Minister Erdogan with messages of protest.
  • If there is news from your country or union about what’s happening in Istanbul (e.g., your union issues a statement condemning the police violence) please make sure to post this.
  • On Facebook, please ‘like’ and ‘share’ our posts about what’s happening in Istanbul.
  • On Twitter, please re-tweet our posts today.

10:04: Continuing with Ron’s live reports. In the last two hours, the number of supporters of our Turkey campaign has gone from 16,768 to 16,808 — just 40.  Comrades — this is not good enough.

09:22: The IUF’s Ron Oswald is in Taksim Square; I’m getting live reports and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.  Please help spread the word.  Posted several news stories.  Have tweeted 6 times in the last hour. Contact two members of the European Parliament, one of whom has already supported our campaign, to get their help.  Asked the British TUC if a demo was being planned.  Have been sharing Facebook stuff with other groups and pages.  Campaign has just under 16,800 supporters.

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