Netherlands campaign – what we achieved

This is from the union there following the closing down of our campaign today.

Thank you, LS and its supporters for this campaign. As you know the incident at Pleyade happened within a large campaign in the care sector. Unfortunately this campaign did not come to an end yet and several other actions took (and will) place. As for the Pleyade incident the LabourStart campaign lead to better awareness of basic trade union rights within union ranks. We have been in contact with ILO and are considering a complaint procedure. We also will discuss this incident with the Police union to raise better awareness amongst police officers. The reason why this has not been done yet is a simular pending case from our sister union FNV Bondgenoten at the supreme court of the Netherlands, the ruling is expected in April and it looks promising. We do not want to make to much noise untill the ruling is there. With a positive ruling, over 8000 protest global respondents, and a possible ILO ruling we think we have a great case to settle this once and for all. In the mean time members at Pleyade where very encouraged by the support and strengthend in their believe that their union did nothing illegal.

So the announcement could be that ABVAKABO is very grateful to all repondents and LabourStart. Although the case is not settled yet, LS encouraged the workers and contributed to a diiscussion on trade union rights in the Netherlands. It opened up new avenues to ensure basic trade union rights in NL.

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