Weekly review – 21-28 January 2013

New campaign: We launched a new campaign in support of Korean government workers, whose president is on hunger strike.  This is the first campaign we’ve ever done that’s picked up any supporters at all in Korea, and was quickly translated into that language (among many others).  We’re already over the 5,000 mark and hope for this to turn into a large campaign.

New mailing list system: I have experimenting with Sendy and have to say that so far, am very pleased. It works, it’s cheap, and the tech support has been great.  (This is taking a lot of time, but as it will save us something like £5,000 this year, it will be worth it.)

Book 1: I’m completing the writing this week of Making Unions Stronger – Using the Internet Better, which will be published by UCS this year.

Book 2: Sales continue to go well for Campaigning Online and Winning (473 sold so far) and we’ve had offers to translate into French and German.  We have a Kindle edition of the English version ready, but it needs some tweaking.

New language: Our friends at the KMU in the Philippines have given us a translation of our campaigns framework into Tagalog – spoken by an estimated 28 million people.

Newswires: All the regional newswires are now working.

Coming soon: The third annual survey of trade union use of the net.




  • Ben

    Hi Eric,

    It’s Ben. Thanks for the shoutout about Sendy. 🙂 All the best to your ongoing work.

    Best regards,

    Comment | January 30, 2013
  • Can we add a question to the survey re. women and their use of the net in organizingÉ Am hearing lots re. owmen being bullied, flamed, trashed online making them less likely to use the net. Might be useful or interesting responses.

    Comment | February 3, 2013
  • admin

    We’ll have a discussion about the survey in the next few days – there are a lot of ideas out there, so we’ll need to organize them all into one place (but not here).

    Comment | February 4, 2013

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