Today in Labour History – first example of localization

If you look at LabourStart Canada today, look at the left column.  There’s a new feature – ‘This month in Canadian labour history’.  It shows everything in our database for January, from Canada.  I plan to adapt these feature for other countries and languages once we achieve critical mass — meaning enough stories so that there’s something to show.  I also intend to change the ‘this month’ to ‘today’ once we have stories for every day of the year (or nearly every day).

There are now 11 volunteers posting to this database, which now has 179 records.

Needed: volunteers to add labour history dates from the USA, Australia, the UK, etc — and other languages than English …

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  • I;’ve sent out an e-mail asking Canadians on our list to send along any dates they think should be added. Thanks for makin us the ‘prototype’ Eric.

    Comment | January 17, 2013

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