UnionBook begins rollout – and crashes!

OK, we’ll need a more powerful server — I’ve already asked around and we’re going to have to upgrade within the next couple of days.

I announced UnionBook today to all LabourStart correspondents (530+), to members of our group on Facebook (1,887), to supporters of our 3 causes on Facebook – Oak Harbor (2,009), Iran (1,882) and South Korea (3,480), to the Free the Blackadder One group (2,349), to our UnionBook users (523) and with a posting on my blog (http://www.ericlee.info).

Naturally, one minute after I did that, the site froze, I rebooted it, and it crashed.  Kevin Jardine came to the rescue (this is way outside normal working hours) and we’re back online.

Let’s hope the crash was caused by the mass mailing and nothing else and that we can stay afloat until we move to a new server. I’m thinking of upgrading from the lowest end (around £25 a month) to the most powerful Memset has to offer (£350 a month) in the hope that after a month or two, we’ll be able to raise money specifically for this once unions see the benefits.

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  • Look for a donation from me in the next few minutes towards the cost of a more capable server….

    Comment | January 29, 2009

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