Two campaigns closed – and a win we helped with

We’ll shortly be announcing two important victories to our lists — one of which followed a LabourStart campaign, the other was a campaign we didn’t host, but which we promoted aggressively.

The good news is that Said Elahirech, leader of the Moroccan dock workers, has been released from jail and all charges dropped. (See one news report on this here.) That campaign was launched on 11 September and generated 5,657 messages from our supporters in 10 languages.

And just next door, in Algeria, our brother Yacine Zaid was released following an IUF campaign which we promoted with a dedicated mass mailing a week ago. We helped boost that campaign to well over 11,000 messages, one of the largest the IUF has ever done.

Meanwhile, we’re also closing — at the request of the ITUC — what was a short and sharp campaign in support of jailed trade union leaders in Turkey. It got 8,536 messages sent in just a few days online, leading up to the trial opening and visit by a solidarity delegation to Ankara.

A campaign on China is on the way …

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