Three campaigns closed today

We closed the following campaigns today –

China: Who killed Li Wangyang? Total number of supporters: 6,312. Suzanne Wu at the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions wrote: “Under the great pressure in Hong Kong and international society, the Chinese Government launched an investigation about the death of Li. However, the result is not satisfactory that it concluded as suicide again. Unfortunately, the suppression of the case didn’t stop, Li’s sister still missed, and the Chinese Government decided to charge Li’s friend, who took the photo of his death and disclosed to the public. We do think the pressure from international society have positive impact on Li’s case, however, a boost of Chinese speaker in Hong Kong is not very possible at this moment. After collecting opinions from our colleagues, we suggested to stop the campaign for Li.”

UK: London Transport cleaners deserve decent wages and Olympic payments Total number of supporters: 5,461. Andrew Brattle, RMT web editor, wrote: “You can now close this campaign. The strikes went well, and although the disputes are on-going, they are no longer focused on the Olympics but on more permanent improvements to pay and conditions. Thank you very much for all your help and support, I know the members very much appreciated it.”

Turkey: Togo Footwear workers sacked for forming a union Total number of supporters: 5,728. Eren Korkmaz, International Relations Officer for Deri-Is, wrote: “We would like to inform you that picket line in Togo Footwear in Turkey was ended on 19.08.2012. The reason is the closure of the plant. Togo Footwear Company preferred to close the plant and continue producing footwears via their suppliers instead of negotiating with the Union. Our Union’s demand was either negotiate with the union or if it insists on not respecting labor rights, it should close the plant. Workers gained their severance pays. We would like to thank you for your support and spread our call to all parts of the world.”

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  • So, Togo Footwear continues it’s operations by outsourcing to suppliers even less likely to negociate with unions and the fired workers get more severance pay. Sounds like we’ve been used!

    Comment | September 27, 2012

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