Weekly roundup – 6.9 – 17.9.12

New campaigns launched –

Pakistan textile fire (IndustriALL). After just four days online, just under 8,000 (actually, 7,959 as I write this) messages sent making this our biggest campaign for some time. The campaign appears in 8 languages already.

Morocco – free jailed dockers union leader (ITF). After 6 days online, appearing in 9 languages, this is considerably smaller with only half the number as the Pakistan campaign (3,980).

Campaigns closed –

As reported earlier, we lost the vote at Siemens in Maryland, and the campaign was closed.

In the next day or two, we’re closing two more campaigns – China and Peru. Details to follow.

New office –

In the last week we moved all remaining bits, including 10 sets of bookshelves and many hundreds of books.

LabourStart offline –

Last week I attended the TUC in Brighton, beginning the day by distributing over 150 LabourStart brochures to delegates. On Thursday, I and a volunteer leafletted a film at the first-ever London Labour Film Festival, handing out about 80 brochures. On the weekend, I was the (sole) speaker at a small Unison Wales event in Cardiff, and distributed some leaflets there as well.

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  • A bit of news here (Canada) re. LS offline: I have been invited to speak at the Human Rights Conference of the union representing provincial public service workers in Ontario.

    Comment | September 18, 2012
  • Eric Lee

    Well done, Derek.

    Comment | September 18, 2012

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