Blog action day 2012

This is interesting.

Should we suggest a topic (e.g. Workers’ rights) and try to get it  selected?  Should those of us who have blogs register.  One of the organizers wrote: “The 2011 event had over 4,000 bloggers from 108 countries talking about food for World Food Day.”

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  • Yes. Bak our proposal with a list of our campaigns in the past year.

    Comment | August 20, 2012
  • Friend or foe? “Workers rights” as a subject could bring in a few surprises, which could be an objective, with surprises. “Why do I fight for workers rights?” would be a better subject (IMHO). I could blog about this on my union blog, my personal blog, my genealogy blog, my local history blog…
    4000 bloggers is bugger-all!

    Comment | August 21, 2012
  • We could do a mailing “Why did I sign up to *this* campaign”?

    Comment | August 21, 2012

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