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As promised once we reached the figure of 1,000 correspondents (we’re now up to 1,008), I have looked into how many of those are inactive.  Really inactive.  As in – never posted a single news story.

If we exclude those who became correspondents in 2012, there are 481 such correspondents.  In other words, nearly half of the correspondents have never posted a story.

That’s being generous, because if we look at who’s posting stories on a regular basis – for example, in the first 8 days of August, there were only 50 of us.  So more than 90% of the “active” correspondents were not active in the last 8 days.

In some cases, these are correspondents who have more than one account — and this list is showing the dead account.

Here’s what I propose to do:

One by one, I will write to each of these 481 people and ask them if they need help and if they wish to continue.  (This will be painstaking, because we don’t have a simple system to match up correspondent names to their email addresses.)

I’ll give each one a month to respond.  If they don’t answer or don’t post a story, I’ll close their accounts.

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  • derek

    Let me know if I can help with the mailing.

    Comment | August 9, 2012

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