Weekly update: 11-28 July

This is a bit delayed because I was on holiday from 13-20 July but now back at work and making progress on several issues.  Here are some highlights:

Conference: Our organizing committee continues to function; I have a conference call scheduled with them for next week.

Correspondents: The internal messaging system is now fixed; there had been a problem before that spam could be sent, though not via email, to all correspondents.


  • Closed: The Unite bus campaign in the UK was closed down following a victory. Another Unite campaign, in support of MMP workers, was closed down after three months.
  • I added a key to the flags and languages here.
  • We asked for and received the support of IndustriALL in the Kazakhstan campaign.
  • New campaigns launched in support of sacked trade unionists in Peru and Turkey, and RMT cleaners in London.
  • I fixed a bug in our special news pages for the UK, USA, Canada and Australia – we were not showing lists of the most current campaigns there, but we are now.
  • Closed and archived campaigns – When trying to view certain closed campaigns, you couldn’t actually call them up – but I’ve now fixed this and you can see any campaign. I fixed the display of supporters for a campaign which has been closed. There’s now an accessible archive of closed campaigns.

Office: I’ve begun an intensive search for a London office.

Mailing list: We now have more than 100,000 addresses.

Book: I was approached by UCS, our book-selling partner in the USA, about doing a primer for trade unionists on use of the net.  I’ve agreed to do so.  Details to follow.


  • A problem was discovered with part of the display of the Turkish website; this is now nearly fixed.
  • Work began on a Ukrainian edition – also nearly complete.

Newswires: Two more unions added the labour newswire to their sites.


  • The IUF has agreed to make a substantial donation to LabourStart.
  • In addition, we’ve received several large donations from Canadian unions.
  • We had 2,000 copies of our new fundraising brochure printed and I have begun mailing them out one by one to selected unions; the first target audience is Irish unions.

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  • The book news is very exciting. Could be very useful and popular. Some may recall we tried to find a publisher for something similar a few years ago and couldn’t.

    Can the new office be in central London and have a cot in a corner? 🙂

    Comment | July 29, 2012

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