A tsunami of campaigns coming

In the bad old days, we’ve have unions – including locals and branches – approaching LabourStart all the time, asking for campaigns.  And to keep the numbers under control, we’d tell them that we only do global campaigns, we only focus on big, serious issues, and we only work with global union federations and the ITUC.  That, we thought, would solve the problem.  Oops.

Today we have three campaigns being launched at the request of the ITUC and global union federations, with possibly more on the way.  As I launch them, I will update this page.

  • The first one that’s ready is this concerns Kazakhstan – a followup to the deadly rioting last December and the campaign we did then.  It is also our first jointly-sponsored effort, with the ITUC working together with Russian and Kazakh labour federations.  The Russian language version will go live very shortly; let’s hope this a big one and helps get some justice for the oil workers there. UPDATE: After less than 4 hours we’re already up to 1,500 – that’s 375 per hour. If that were to continue for a whole day, we’d be up to 9,000 messages by tomorrow evening. Keep it up!
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