Weekly roundup, 23-29 April 2012

Some highlights of the last week:

Campaigns closing: The Peru campaign was closed down.  We asked about closing the Greece campaign, still waiting to hear from the comrades there.  The Canada (Acadia) campaign was closed.   The Netherlands cleaners campaign was closed.

Campaigns starting: We launched the MMP lock-out campaign for Unite on Tuesday.  We will shortly be launching another campaign in support of a jailed Thai trade unionist at the request of ICEM.

Campaign problems: Some people are still managing to send multiple messages to the same campaign using the same email address.  I’ve taken further steps to block this and will check to see if it’s working now.  I’ve also noted that increasingly our server struggles to cope with hundreds of simultaneous requests when we launch a new campaign.  I took some steps to tighten up our code (and reduce the number of steps one has to take).  We may need to consider moving the campaign software to a separate, dedicated server.  (There are, of course, cost implications in doing so.)

North Korea: I’ve begun work on trying to highlight the situation of workers in the hermit kingdom – and we now have a special North Korea page on LabourStart at http://nk.labourstart.org.

LinkedIn: Our group there continues to grow (842 members, with no effort on our part to promote this) – and they now get a weekly message from me.  Last week’s launched our May Day appeal for support.

Facebook: We’re seeing a huge spike in Facebook Insights – more people than ever before are forwarding on, commenting on, and liking stuff we post.  Our last “reach” is 21,232 in the last week; a month ago, it was 2,910.  That’s an increase of more than 700% in one month.

May Day appeal: This went live 6 days ago with a mass mailing to our English list.  Details on how much we have raised so far and how we’ve promoted this appear on the May Day appeal page here.  At the moment, we’ve raised £969 in 6 days.

May Day event: Our May Day event on Facebook has attracted 372 people; I’ve been able to message them and the more than 3,100 who have been invited by those people.  Hopefully, we’ll have many more by Tuesday.

May Day book: We’ve agreed to coordinate sales of a new graphic novel about May Day with our partners at UCS.  Details on Monday.

Union Solidarity International (USI): This is a new initiative by a number of British unions, spearheaded by Unite the Union.  The suggested a meeting, and I duly met with their coordinator.  They are going live on May Day and have asked to work with us.

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